Do you need rental space for your sitz party, annual ball or get-together?

TYY rents spaces suitable for your organisation's events

TYY rents a variety of free and paid premises for organisations to use. The atmospheric grand hall of the Q-House is a great place for bigger events, such as the annual balls. And for the smaller get-togethers we recommend the cozy Vähä-Heikkilä premise. Relaxed get-togethers are also fun to organise in TYY Sauna. At the same time you can learn about Finnish Sauna culture. The traditional Turku-sali (Turku Hall) is suitable for meetings and game evenings. Turku hall is free to use for the members of TYY. Find out more about the rental spaces of TYY and book the most suitable for your organisation's events.

Q-House grand Hall

  • Annual Balls, Parties
  • Tables, Chairs and Tableware for 150 persons
  • Kitchen
  • Sound equipment

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Vähä-Heikkilä (in Q-House)

  • Get-Togethers, Meetings, Theme Evenings
  • Room for 40 persons
  • Microwave oven, fridge
  • Sofas, speakers

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TYY Sauna

  • Get-Togethers, Afterparties, Theme events
  • Seating for 40 persons
  • Kitchen and Sauna, TV, DVD-player, Stereo  

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Turku-sali (Turku Hall)

  • Meetings, game evenings, dance and play training 
  • Seating for 50 persons
  • Data projector
  • Free to use, Alcohol free space

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Campus Chapel

  • Meetings, game evenings, Get-togethers
  • Room for 40 persons
  • Free to use, Alcohol free space, may be reserved for a suitable use

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  • Sitz parties, Annual Balls, Meetings and Theme events
  • Tables and Chairs for 72 persons
  • Fridge and possibility to use combined Kitchen

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