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Bike repair kit

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During its opening hours, TYY Office borrows bike repair kit with tools to make a basic maintenance for a bicycle.

Bike repair kit can be borrowed for a 40€ pledge. The pledge will be returned when the whole kit is returned undamaged. The whole set is packed in a shoulder-bag which is easy to attach at the back of the bike or take with you, if the bike is not at the Student Houses.

Bike repair kit includes:

Chain lubricant
Allen keys
Patch kit for rubbers
Ring spanner kit
Adjustable wrench
Side cutter
Tyre irons
Bar tool

Bike repair kit borrow

You can find the reservation calendar by following the link:

You can make a reservation at

Fill out the form and send it. We will send you detailed instructions on how to pick up your keys, cancel your booking, etc. via email, after confirming your booking. It may take couple of days, so please make your bookings as early as possible.

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