The Student Secretary is responsible for TYY services in the Rauma unit of the University of Turku. You can ask them about questions you might have about the Student Union or, for example, about the student cards and annual stickers for Rauma students. The Student Secretary also functions as a link between Rauma and Turku in communicating TYY issues, and you can turn to them if you want to know more about issues related to the Rauma unit or students in Rauma.

Rauma Student Secretary
tel. +358 (0)45 356 4510

Student activities in Rauma

Students in Rauma are gathered up and represented by Opekas ry. In addition, a large group of other TYY sub-organisations and actors operate in Rauma.

In addition to Opekas, there are three subject-specific organisations and several other organisations in Rauma, of which the following are TYY sub-organisations:
Lastopet (Organisation of Kindergarten teachers)
Lokilta (Organisation of Teacher Education students)
TK-kilta (Organisation of Technology Instructors)
Rausku (Rauma Sport Fishers)
Rauman ylioppilasteatteri Qme (Student theater)
Sempun Pallo (Sports)

More organisations and activities are available at the Opekas webpages.


In Pori, regular student related services (such as student cards) are provided for all students of the University Centre by Student Union of Pori University Centre Pointer. Members of the organisation include all students of the university centre that have paid the membership fee of their own Student Union and filled the membership form of Pointer.

Pointer’s Student Secretary can be reached at toimisto@pointerry.fi or +358 (0)50 462 3277.

Peer support actvities in Pori and Rauma

Do you wish to have a chat? Would you like to find new activities and hobbies? On My Mind support students offer peer support to the fellow students in English also.

The purpose of support student activities is to ensure that nobody is left out of the student community.

► Contact a support student via “Shall we talk?”  contact form!

► Read more about On My Mind project.


Photo: University of Turku