There is a student union in every Finnish university. Membership of a student union is compulsory by law for all undergraduate and master’s degree students studying for a Finnish degree.

Student unions are public corporations, completely independent of their respective universities. Together, the student unions in Finland form the National Union of University Students in Finland (Suomen ylioppilaskuntien liitto, SYL).

The membership of a student union, in this case, TYY, is by law compulsory for all Finnish undergraduate and Master’s degree students - and for those international students who are studying for a Finnish degree. Also, double-degree students must join the Student Union to study in the degree programme. 

As a member of the Student Union, you are entitled to a Finnish student card (opiskelijakortti) issued together by the National Union of University Students in Finland and TYY. This card offers you a variety of benefits locally and nationwide. For more information about the benefits, please check

As a degree student at the University of Turku, you are entitled to several student benefits. These benefits include, for example:

  • Basic health care at the Finnish Student Health Service (paid separately to KELA, not included in the Student Union fee)
  • Student discounted lunch
  • 45%-55% discount on long distance bus and train tickets
  • Consultation services from the TYY specialists
  • Services of the student lawyer
  • Turku Student Newspaper
  • Membership in any of the TYY sub-organisations
  • Many other benefits and discounts

Paying the Student Union membership fee

In order to become a member of TYY you must pay the Student Union membership fee. You get information about the payment before your arrival. You can do your membership fee payment either with a regular bank transfer payment or from your e-bank account (SEPA-area payments). Please note that we do not send you a confirmation e-mail after receiving your payment. If you forget to use the reference number when paying the fee, we will still get your payment but it will take a bit longer to register. Just print out/ take a screenshot of the receipt of the payment so you can use it as proof of your payment until your card has arrived. You will, for example, get a student discounted lunch with the receipt while waiting for the card to arrive. 

The membership fee of the Student Union for basic degree students is 26.50€ for the autumn term 2021, 26.50€ for the spring term 2022 and 53.00€ for the term 2021–2022. 

If you have any further questions, please send an e-mail to

Ordering the student card online

Ordering the student card/ app is possible from the beginning of August. You can make the order after paying the membership fee at Frank's website. You can choose between 2 options:

1) Plastic student card (sent home address in Finland)

2) Frank app, possible for Android and Apple phones. 

Ordering can be done only online. You need a digital photo of yourself to order the card. When filling in the application form you should write down your personal information with exactly the same facts you have informed the University with. You also need to fill in your Finnish student number given by the University of Turku when ordering your student card. Remember to make the notification of change of address when you are in Finland!

It is recommended to pay the fee for the card online during the ordering process with a credit card or from a Finnish e-bank account. If you have the possibility to use neither a credit card nor the e-bank, please contact the Student Union Service Desk for further information.

Before getting the card

The receipt of your student union membership fee payment will act as a temporary Student ID card, and you will get subsidised lunches at the student cafeterias and student health care services with it, but not the travel discounts.