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Doctoral candidates

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Doctoral candidates (students pursuing licentiate or doctoral degree) can become members of the Student Union. Their membership benefits are however fewer than those of the undergraduate and Master’s degree students.

The membership fee for doctoral candidates in 2019-2020 is € 37. Visiting students (erillisopiskelija) cannot join the Student Union.  A doctoral candidate who is a member of TYY is eligible for the following membership benefits:

  • Consultation services from the TYY specialists
  • Services of the student lawyer
  • Reduced lunches at Unica Restaurants (except for Nutritio) € 5,20
  • Turku Student Newspaper
  • Membership in any of the TYY sub-organisations
  • Many other benefits and discounts

Regardless of the TYY membership, doctoral candidates have the right to the following benefits and services

  • University Sports
  • Right to rent an apartment from the Student Village Foundation (TYS)

Please note, that for reasons beyond the control of TYY, doctoral candidates are not eligible for:

  • Student reductions on the trains or long distance coaches
  • Student health care

To get the invoice for the fee, please send e-mail to and tell that you want to join the student union. The membership fee in 2019-2020 for doctoral candidates is € 37.

Ordering the student card online

After paying the membership fee, you can apply for a student card at You can choos between 2 options:

1) Plastic student card (sent home, € 16,10), possible to order without Finnish ID number

2) Frank app, possible for Android and Apple phones.

Ordering can be done only online. You need a digital photo of yourself to order the card. When filling in the application form you should write down your personal information with exactly the same facts you have informed the University with. You also need to fill in your Finnish student number given by the University of Turku when ordering your student card. The price of the card is € 16,10 and it is sent to your address here in Finland. Remember to make the notification of change of address wehn you are in Finland!

It is recommended to pay the fee for the card online during the ordering process with a credit card or from a Finnish e-bank account. If you do not have the possibility to use neither a credit card nor the e-bank, please contact the Student Union Service Desk for further information.

Before getting the card

The receipt of your student union membership fee payment will act as a temporary Student ID card, and you will get benefits, such as reduced lunches at Unica restaurants.

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