Bank account number (Tilinumero in Finnish): FI25 5716 9020 0256 36
Reference number (Viitenumero in Finnish): 9111
Amount: €70 (of these €50 are a deposit, which you will get back if you return all the items clean and in good condition)

Opening a bank account with a Finnish bank is free of charge, and a Finnish bank account can be very useful for the students esp. coming from outside EU/EEA, since you will need the account to pay for the Student Union membership, the starting package, and your other bills in Finland. Take your tutor with you to the bank to help you.

Students coming from EU/EEA can pay the bills (including starting package payment)  from their home bank account, as long as you can get a receipt of the payment. In that case, please use the following payment information:

Receiver: TYY/Starting Package Turku,
Address: Rehtorinpellonkatu 4 A, 20500 Turku
IBAN: FI25 5716 9020 0256 36
Reference number: 9111
Amount: €70
Bank name: Turun Seudun Osuuspankki
Bank address: Maariankatu 4, Turku

It is very important to take a receipt of your payment. Without a receipt we have no way of checking if you have paid for your package or not.

Please note: If you are from a EU-country, your deposit will be paid to your home bank account after you leave. Please tell us your IBAN and SWIFT-code when you borrow the package. For non EU-students, the deposit will be given out in cash at the TYY service desk.