Please read the following before filling out the contract paper and printing it!

  • Please fill out the contract paper electronically (not by hand)
  • In order to fill out the contract, you may have to save it on your computer
  • Please print out two identical copies of the contract and on both sides of the paper
  • After printing you should have two sheets of paper, one is for you and the other for the Starting Package officer
  • Remember to bring the contract paper with the necessary receipts within two weeks of your arrival
  • The contract paper is not valid unless it has been signed by you in person at the Starting Package office
  • If you don't have access to a printer, you can still fill out the contract paper at the Starting Package office
  • The contract paper asks for the condition and number of the items in the package so you should not sign it before you have seen the package in real

Contract paper (PDF)