International Supertutor 2015 Maija Jortikka: "You will get so much in return."

Is your tutor someone who has made your stay in Finland more comfortable? Besides picking you up upon your arrival and introducing the campus area, Supertutor is helpful and knowledgeable and always there to answer your tricky questions about Finnish student life or everyday practical matters. Supertutor brings people together and creates positive team spirit and is happy to help new students.

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If your tutor meets these criteria and has other good qualities, suggest him/her to TYY! On the basis of the best suggestions, excellent tutors will be proclaimed as the Supertutor and the International Supertutor of the University of Turku.

Fill out the following form online or send us an e-mail by Thursday, 1 November to and tell us why your tutor is this year's Supertutor.

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International Supertutor Maija Jortikka: "You will get so much in return"