The cornerstone of student mental health services consists of University’s own study psychologist services, FSHS services and public services. Study psychologist services concentrate on educational psychology and student counselling and to put in short they are supportive services that mainly focus on issues with studies, such as planning and study techniques. Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) is the place where students can find help for more severe matters of mental health, in FSHS you first get to see the nurse or the psychiatric nurse who can forward you to see the doctor, psychologist and if needed, psychiatrist.

Study psychologists

Turku unit of FSHS
*Please note that FSHS is currently only for university students (University of Turku and Åbo Akademi) but will expand to students of applied sciences universities in 2021. Until 2021 the healthcare of students of applied science university students is under public student health services of Turku:

Exchange students are under FSHS if they've paid the fee until the end of 2020.

Turku public health services

Early Support for Students:

If we look at wellbeing services widely the university offers quite a lot different kinds of supportive functions, which can be found on intranet “Early Support for Students”
Under Early Support are listed the helpful services in different kinds of situations where you might need help.

Early Support


University priests offer conversational help in English as well. Even though they are priests the conversations are not necessarily spiritual. They also organize with us surplus food distribution on every Thursday until Dec 12 where we distribute week’s surplus lunches from restaurant Bruukki on a take-away basis.

University Priests (only in Finnish and Swedish but one may open conversation in English by using the Messenger)

We also work and with several non-profit organizations that offer mental wellbeing services, unfortunately most of their sites seem to be only in Finnish and Swedish.

Other sites that offer information for youth in mental wellbeing matters:

Mental health organisations in Turku

The mission of MIELI Mental Health Finland, MIELI, is to support and promote good mental health, considered essential at all levels of society and in all spheres of life.

Nyyti ry

As a Student Union we concentrate on influencing these matters and working together with above-mentioned partners. There are at times some mental wellbeing related events and blogs. This week was for example world’s mental health week and our equality wing has organized few events including petting dogs –event, yoga and on a monthly basis a board game event. Our numerous sub-organisations also organize many kinds of events and bring students together.

Mental Hub

The content is designed to give the multicultural community more information about the meaning of mental health.

Crisis helpline

In Arabic and English
Open Mon, Tue at 11-15, Wed at 13-16 and 17-21,on Thu at 10-15
Phone number: 09 2525 0113 

SOS crisis centre

In Finnish, English, Swedish and through an interpreter in your mother tongue by appointment
Mon-Thu 9- 12 and 13-15, on Fri 9-12
Phone number: 09 4135 0510