The student organisations have several mailing lists that function fully in English.

If you are unsure which lists you should join, contact

TYY International mailing list for international students

Tyy-international is a general mailing list for all the international students who study at the University of Turku. Through this list, we keep you up to date on current issues that concern students, inform you about the events at the campus and in Turku in general and also distribute information about for example job offers or internships, language studies, culture and sports oportunities.

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Akateeminen purjehdusseura (Academic yacht club)

Akateeminen purjehdusseura (Academic yacht club) is place to start sailing, continue sailing or hook up with sailors.We have courses teaching how to sail and the sailing trips vary from evening trips for several week long voyages.Contact us through

Anglica ry (English students)

Anglica ry is the student organization for English students at the University of Turku. We are the people who love speaking English! Besides English majors, our members also include for example minor and international students. We provide help, information and tutoring on all aspects of university life, function as a bridge between the students and the staff, and organize all kinds of awesome events and parties. You can find out more about us from our website We are also on Facebook (Anglica ry), Twitter (@anglicautu) and Instagram (@anglicautu)!

Asteriski ry

Asteriski ry is the student organisation for computer science students at University of Turku. Founded in 1972, we have over 300 members in our organization, making it vast and diverse. This is seen in our free time activity which we have all kinds of. From epic parties to playing sports together with other  student organizations to having sauna-nights together, we pretty much have everything for everyone. We can be easily reached via email or just come visit us at our office. Our office is located at Agora on the K-1 floor, room K135A/B. We share it with Digit ry, which is the student organization for Information Technology. You can find us on Instagram (@asteriski_ry) and Facebook (Asteriski ry). Find out more about us from our website

Black Swans

The Black Swans Futures Studies Students of Turku (Black Swans for short) was originally founded in 2015 to offer Futures Studies students at the Turku School of Economics a hands-on approach to applying what they study. The student organization wing of the Black Swans capacitates our members with the transferrable skills of a Futurist to take flight in student-led foresight projects and professional development. This same wing sustains our course through the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world in which we study with traditions and activities that lifts our flock of futures studies students. The other wing of the Black Swans, our Futures Research Consulting private business entity, allows our students to dive into the real-world application of foresight and strategic planning through contractible workshops and other services. You can find out more about us on our webpage and by following our social medias:

CIA TuKY (Economics students)

CIA TuKY (Committee for International Affairs) is the association that takes care of international Economics students in Turku. However, CIA’s activities are open for everyone that’s wishes to have a good time and loves the International atmosphere. We organize awesome events that connect international and Finnish students and do lobbying in Turku School of Economics in behalf of non-Finnish students. If you have any worries or questions, please contact us. CIA TuKY offers also plenty of opportunities to have fun and meet new people. For example, a cottage weekend in the autumn and Hustle, which is
a fancier party, near Christmas. For Finnish students CIA TuKY offers information about studying and working abroad. Go check us out in the social medias below and we hope to see you all in our upcoming events. Stay tuned! uKY
Instagram: cia_tuky
Twitter: CIA TuKY

Collegium Musicum Turku

Collegium Musicum Turku is a student symphony orchestra that comprises mostly university students from all faculties. The orchestra is conducted by Satu Simola. Every year CMT gives spring and autumn concerts and an Advent concert in December. We are now looking for new musicians to join us! Rehearsals are held on Tuesday nights. We look forward to having you as part of our orchestra! Intrested? Contact us for more information:
You can also find us on:
our website:
Facebook: @Collegium Musicum Turku
Instagram: @cmtorkesteri

Delta ry

Delta ry is an association for students of mathematical and physical sciences in the University of Turku. Its activities are diverse. Delta seeks to support its members in matters of studies, familiarise students with each other, to be a link between the staff and the students, and to organise imaginative events. Parties, game nights, sauna evenings, sitsit and other events are being organised throughout the year. Excursions and cultural events take place on a regular basis. We also have our own paper, Potenssi, which comes out 4 times a year. The only way to get a complete picture of our association is through participation: so join in! Website: Contact: Facebook: Instagram:

Digit ry

Digit ry is the organisation of information technology students at the University of Turku (we are what we call a ”teekkarikilta” in Finnish). We have almost 200 members and as a students’ organisation we’re quite young; Digit was founded in 1999. We are, however, the oldest students’ organisation for tech students in the University of Turku. Because we are a young and a relatively small students’ organisation, Digit is a very dynamic and versatile organisation with active connections to other students’ organisations here in Turku as well as in other student cities in Finland. We offer a large variety of different events and free-time activites such as sauna-nights, beer pong tournaments, parties, a few clubs (such as a board game club and a coding club) and sports events. Our guildhouse (=office) is located at Agora on the bottom floor,room K135A/B. We share our guildhouse with Asteriski, the student organisation for computer science students.

EGEA Turku ry (Geography students)

EGEA Turku ry is an entity of an organisation called EGEA (European Geography Association – for Students and Young Geographers). All geography students and other people just interested in geography are welcomed. EGEA Turku ry arranges short exchanges with other EGEA entities all over Europe. We also have meetings every month and occasional casual member hang-arounds. There is also lots of different activities everywhere in Europe, for example congresses and fun cultural weekends. More info can be found on the website: If you are interested in joining us, contact “”. You can also join our Facebook-group “EGEA Turku” and show up to our meetings! P.S. Follow our Instagram account “egea_turku” to see what fun stuff we have been doing lately.

Elsa Turku (Law Students)

ELSA, aka European Law Students’ Association is the largest international organisation of Law students and young lawyers. The purpose of ELSA is to increase the bordercrossing interaction of Law students and to increase the knowledge and understanding of foreign jurisdictions and cultures. The local organisations, such as ELSA Turku, ELSA Rovaniemi, ELSA Helsinki and ELSA Joensuu, organise activities ranging from visits to wine evenings, and they handle the mediation of internship positions at their locations. Larger events include bilateral exchange visits with foreign members of ELSA and National Council Meetings, in which ELSA people from different parts of Finland can share their experiences. Further information on ELSA can be found at the organisation’s webpages.

ESN Uni Turku mailing list

The list of the Erasmus student network informs about events that ESN organises and about other current affairs and events and is mainly for exchange students, but both the list, as well as the events ESN organises, are open to all internationally-minded students.

Join the ESN Uni Turku mailing list

FiMSIC (Medical students)

FiMSIC (Finnish Medical Students’ International Committee) is officially the International Committee of the Finnish Medical Student’s Association, but in practice it is independently responsible for the international issues of Medical students. Through the exchange programmes of IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations) and FiMSIC, each year 20–30 exchange students arrive at Turku, in addition to which FiMSIC is also responsible for the leisure activities of other Medical exchange students, together with TLKS. In addition to student exchange activities, FiMSIC has diversified project operation, including those related to global health and development cooperation. The activities are open to all interested, and Turku FiMSIC can be reached at and at their webpages.

Germanica ry (German students)

Germanica ry is the German students’ student organization in the University of Turku. We are a small but active organization, and we welcome anyone with interest in the German language and culture. We organize some of the best student parties in Turku, and also smaller activities such as movie nights
and sport events. We also organize a few times a semester a coffee break session, where it is easy to gather around and make new international friends. If you want to join us and visit our magnificent events, contact our mailing list or send a message in Facebook, or just appear in one of our events. We are happy to welcome you to Germanica! You can find us on Facebook: and on our You can also send email to us:


Hybridi is an umbrella organisation for the 8 different student organisations in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The purpose of Hybridi is to maintain and improve the interests and cooperation of these organisations, butalso to manage the relations to Student Union (TYY), its branch organisations
and the student members in different positions on the faculty. We also organise different kinds of events of our own for the students in our faculty. For the international students we have a great recommendation: Join the student organisation of your own field of study! This way you will integrate well into the
Finnish student life and get valuable contacts and friends. Visit our website for further information and to discover the student organisation associated with your field. Contact information is listed for every organisation but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Facebook and Instagram: Hybridi ry

Index ry

Index is an umbrella organization for students in social and educational sciences. Index gathers all the students in different majors under the social and educational sciences and organizes events such as parties, excursions and casual hangouts. Anyone who’s studying social and educational sciences is
welcome to join our events!

ISHA (International Students of History Association)

ISHA (International Students of History Association) represents history students at the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. The organisation aims at creating contacts between history students from different countries, thus breaking the limits of history in the favour of a more international view. ISHA promotes cooperation between students interested in the same areas of history and provides international publication channels for history students. If your exchange students study history, you should encourage them to contact ISHA. We arrange pub quizzes, game nights and sitting parties. We welcome everybody who are interested to our events. Further information on the activities of ISHA can be obtained by mail from the

ISTU mailing list for degree students

While the events ESN organises are mainly focused on exchange students, there is also an oragnisation for international degree students. International Students of Turku Universities - ISTU ry is intended primarily for international degree students at the University of Turku, Åbo Akademi, and TUAS.

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IVA ry

In Vitro Aboensis IVA ry is a student organization for students of Biomedicine, Drug Discovery and Development and Biomedical Imaging. Our aim is to provide services for our members and protect their student rights. We also help our members with problems they may face during studies and try to enhance their welfare. We collaborate with other student societies throughout the year to organize events which all students can attend. In addition, we organize other activities for our members, such as board game nights and sports events. For more information, please visit:

Facebook @invitroaboensis
Instagram @invitroaboensis
You can also reach us by email:


Katko ry is the student organization for Education students in the University of Turku. Katko is a mixture of three majors: Adult education, Education and Special Education. We organize lots of events during the year for example parties, casual hang arounds and sport events. You are warmly welcome to join Katko and we hope to meet you in our events! You can follow us on social media:

Facebook: Katko ry
Instagram: katkory
and send e-mail:

Lex ry (Law students)

Lex ry is the law students’ association at the University of Turku. We organize various activities such as parties and other events and promote our members’ interests. We also have international events a couple of times a year to offer a possibility for local and international students to get to know each other.

You can find more information about us on our website:


Instagram: lexturku

Mañana ry (Spanish students)

Mañana ry is the student organization for Spanish students at the University of Turku. Our members are mainly Spanish majors but everybody is as welcome to any of our events or to be a member. In fact, we’ve had exchange students as active members already! One of the most famous events we organize is the famous Fiesta Latina each semester. Another tradition of ours is the sitz and after party with the Día de los Muertos topic. Our events that embrace Spanish and Latin cultures have been very popular among international students and we definitely hope to see you all very soon! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook (Mañana ry) and Instagram (manana_ry) to find out about our activities. ¡Hasta pronto!

Nucleus ry

Nucleus ry is the organization of biotechnical engineering and food development students at the University of Turku. We have about 100 members and we are one of the four engineering students’ organizations in Turku. Part of Nucleus’ function is to represent students in study issues and to be a link between the students and the personnel of the department. Nucleus also organizes leisure-time activities such as sports, culture and parties to its members. Because of our small size many of our events are held with other student organizations in Turku. We also have close connections to other biotechnical engineering students’ organizations in Finland with whom we have a common annual event called Rekombionaatio.

► Mailing list:


Turun yliopiston Politiikan tutkimuksen klubi ry (P-klubi) is an association for students studying Contemporary History and Political Science at Turku University. P-klubi focuses on arranging various activities for its members. These activities consist of parties, discussionnights on current political topics, sports and cultural activities, student trips etc. P-klubi is also active in international and domestic students’ association relations. P-klubi is one of the 15 founding members of IAPSS, the International Association for Political Science Students. We are also a member of ISHA, the International Students of History Association.

Pulterit ry

Pulterit ry is Turku University’s and Åbo Akademi’s geology students’ joint bilingual organization. Its duties include taking care of its members’ student rights and looking after their mental and physical wellbeing. Pulterit ry organises many events throughout the study term including geology based activities, parties, a weekly sport shift and many other recreational events. It also publices organisation’s own magazine called Iskos twice a year. All in all the organisation acts as a great support network for its members in the midst of busy student life. If you are interested in joining or want to ask more questions you can contact us at More information can also be found from organisation’s official web page English version of this page is still under construction but will be added in the near future.

The Savo-Karelian Nation of the University of Turku (also known as SKO)

The Savo-Karelian Nation of the University of Turku (also known as SKO) is one of the university’s student nations (FIN ‘osakunta’). Founded in 1925, our members were originally from the Eastern Finnish provinces of Savonia, Karelia and Kymenlaakso. Nowadays we are open to students from all parts of
the world regardless of what they study, but we still maintain many regional traditions in addition to organizing more modern activities. If you’re interested in trying out Karelian pies or ‘kalakukko’, maybe attending a meeting of our red wine club or trying out the traditional Finnish sport of ‘kyykkä’, or perhaps
just want to join us for a cup of coffee between lectures at the comfy couches of our common room; come check us out! We have many clubs and other activities for our members, so there’s something for everyone.

Synapsi ry

Join the mailing list or ask via e-mail if you are interested in what happens in Synapsi ry, the subject organisation for biology and geography students. We have for example weekly sports class, board game evenings and other fun stuff! E-mails about upcoming events are posted few times a month.

Join Synapsi´s mailing list

TLKS ry (Medical students)

TLKS ry is a student organization for medical students at the University of Turku. TLKS provides services and different kinds of events for its members and also protects their student rights. In addition to that we organize our own events and activities, we also cooperate
with other student organizations. To get medical exchange students better included to our organizations actions, we arrange international events where exchange students and Finnish medical students can easily get to know each other. You can find us on social media:
Facebook: Turun
Instagram: tlksry

Turku University Choir

Turku University Choir is a mixed choir of around 70 singers. Though most of the singers are students from University of Turku, Åbo Akademi and Turku University of Applied Sciences, the choir is open for everyone of age. In addition, a great number of exchange students have sung in the choir. The choir performs in a multitude of languages and our versatile repertoire is mainly built of a variety of a Capella pieces from the Renaissance to the twenty-first century, not forgetting our speciality - the traditional academic songs and drinking songs. The choir makes regular appearances in concerts several times a year. Auditions are held twice a year, at the beginning of each semester. We welcome everyone interested in choir singing. See you in the auditions!

Turun Eurooppanuoret Turku European Youth

Join the mailing list here

Tutka (Science Fiction Culture Cabinet at the University of Turku)

Tutka (Science Fiction Culture Cabinet at the University of Turku) is the science fiction and fantasy club of the University of Turku. Its primary target group are the students of Turku university, but anyone interested is welcomed to join. Tutka shares an office and a clubhouse called Terrakoti with five other geek societies, located at Student House B. On Terrakoti Tutka arranges movie nights, parties and other events for its members. One such is a weekly gathering of fans which is held every Thursday from 6 PM and is open to everyone. You can find information on Tutka’s activities as well as the location of Terrakoti on our webpages at and


TVO – Turun yliopiston Varsinaisuomalainen Osakunta TVO, commonly known as Tevis, is a voluntary non-profit student organization that has developed into a legendary meeting place and a diverse club located right next to concert hall Logomo in Köydenpunojankatu 14, across the Turku railyard. For the last few decades we have been known mainly, in the student and cultural life in Turku, for managing various freetime activities along with our annual academic festives. Our primary activity is organizing weekly gigs at our club. The musical diversity of our gigs is as varied as the people that form TVO: ranging from rap music to death metal and from finnish folk rock to hard core punk via electronic music. We also do other freetime activities such as game evenings, spoken word gatherings, occasional movie premieres and trips. We also lend our club premises to the use of other student clubs, organizations and private persons.TVO is a varied bunch of academic and non-academic people that are keen about keeping the student and cultural scene of Turku in shape. After all, we were voted among the top 5 clubs to go in Turku by City magazine last year (2017).

Join the mailing list here

TYK ry

We are the student organisation for the Chemistry and Biochemistry students of the University of Turku: Turun Yliopiston Kemistit ry or just TYK ry. TYK ry is the
oldest student organisation in University of Turku and was founded in 1935. Our aim is to work as a bridge between the students and the staff as well as the students and TYY. We are an active organisation and we arrange various activities for our members, such as parties, movie nights, board game nights, sport events, members’ sauna and many other events. You are warmly welcome to come visit and join us at our office in Arcanum! Feel free to browse our website and social media for more information about us and our events.



The University of Turku Metal Club TYRMY connects metal heads on campus and around Turku. Students are welcome from all majors and academic focuses as well as exchange students. The musical preferences of our members vary from classical heavy metal to brutal death metal and everything in between. TYRMY regularly organizes band nights, parties, sauna evenings, game nights and many other metal oriented events. TYRMY works with other Finnish academic metal clubs for example in organizing the annual academic heavy metal cruise.

TYRMY fb-group in Finnish:
in English:

University Chaplains


UTU Debating Club

University of Turku Debating Club is one of the very few international student organisations at the University. The working language is English, which makes it ideal for both Finns and International students to engage in all the activities and of course get to know each other. The organization has successfully hosted international tournaments in Finland and members of the club have participated in some of the biggest tournaments of the continent. However, tournaments are not the only goal of the organisation and nobody is expected to participate unless he/she wants to. The other primary goals include the improvement of both oral and presentation skills, the promotion of democracy, dialogue and critical/logical thinking and the introduction of different types of argumentation in a safe environment. Official Website:, Contact:

Viva ry

Turku University Green Left



You can also join our Wings' mailing lists. The communication is mostly in both Finnish and English. Please send an e-mail to and mention the list you want to join.

tyy-kehysiipi: development cooperation
tyy-kvsiipi: international affairs
tyy-ymparistosiipi: environmental affairs
tyy-yhdenvertaisuussiipi: equality issues