Here we have listed all ongoing programmes and their student organisations (updated on May 2020). Please note that the supply of programmes varies annually. International students are encouraged to contact their own organisation. Organisations can also send e-mail to the programme coordinator and ask him/her to forward information to the students. You will also have a chance to meet students in many kinds of events during the academic year. Please send any corrections and improvement ideas to

Programmes with intake in 2020-2021


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Degree Programme in Primary Teacher Education, BA (Rauma) and MA (Turku)

Bachelor's Degree Programme in Early Childhood Teacher Education

Master's Degree Programme in Education and Learning

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Opekas (Rauma), 





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Master's Degree Programme in Finnish and Other Finno-Ugric Languages (Suomen ja sen sukukielten maisteriohjelma, taught in Finnish)

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► All studies in the Faculty of Humanities: Humanitas,



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Master's Degree Programme in Law and Information Society

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Science and Engineering

Natural Sciences
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Information and Communication Technology
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►See the full list of all organisations on Hybridi's page: Hybridi ry,



Health and Biomedical Sciences

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MDP in Biomedical Sciences: Biomedical Imaging

MDP in Biomedical Sciences: Drug Discovery and Development

MDP in Biomedical Sciences: Medicinal and Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry

MDP in Biomedical Sciences: Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics

MDP in Future Health and Technology

MDP in Human Neuroscience


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IVA ry,

► All studies in the Faculty of Medicine:

Turun Lääketieteenkandidaattiseura, 

FiMSIC (Finnish Medical Students' International Committee),


Economics and Business Administration

Master's Degree Programme in Futures Studies 

Black Swans,

Master's Degree Programme in Global Innovation Management


► All studies in Turku School of Economics TuKY,


Social Sciences

Master's Degree Programme in East Asian Studies


Master's Degree Programme in Inequalities, Interventions and New Welfare State


Master's Degree Programme in Gender Studies

(no intake in 2020)

► F-piste,

(no intake in 2020)