FSHS - Finnish Student Health Service

As a degree student, you have the right to Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS or in Finnish YTHS, Ylioppilaiden terveydenhoitosäätiö) both here in Turku and at FSHS locations in other university cities. With a valid Finnish student card, you can use the services of FSHS. The health services provided are general practitioners and specialists, dental care, nursing care and physiotherapy as well as x-ray and laboratory work. FSHS also provides assistance in managing yourself during your studies. FSHS mental health services include mental health counselling, psychotherapy and psychiatric care. You can make an appointment for counselling when you can talk to a health care professional about your situation and possible follow-up treatment will be assessed.

FSHS only offers basic medical services and does not cover instances if you get into an accident or have to be admitted to the hospital. Citizens outside the EU/EEA area are required to have valid health insurance during their studies in Finland. EU and EEA citizens should have an EU insurance card or carry another type of insurance in case of emergencies.

You can find the Turku FSHS at Kirkkotie 13, between the campus and Student Village. The appointments must be made in advance, either by phone (046 710 1050 for doctors' appointments,  046 710 1047 for dentists') or by visiting the FSHS desk, on the ground floor. More information about FSHS on their own website.

Starting from 2021 the exchange students are no longer included in FSHS but the exchange students can seek help in Municipal health care services. 

Medical care services for international exchange students

International exchange students are similarly entitled to Finnish health care as other foreigners residing in Finland. When it comes to public health care services, international exchange students are only entitled to urgent medical care. Therefore, it is essential that exchange students have insurance that is valid throughout their stay in Finland. However, students from EU countries, ETA countries or Switzerland can also receive necessary medical care in public health care by presenting a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC): https://www.eu-healthcare.fi/healthcare-in-finland/moving-to-finland/

Urgent care

Patients are always entitled to urgent care in Finnish public health care regardless of which country they came from or why they are in Finland. In urgent situations, you must turn to the joint emergency services of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland, tel. +358 2 313 8800.

Non-urgent care

You must turn to the private sector for these services and pay the costs yourself. For this reason, insurance is necessary. Students who have a European Health Insurance Card can also seek care at public health stations. In this case, the student pays the same price for their care as a local municipal resident would and this is 20.60 euros for the first three visits/calendar year. The health station is determined on the basis of your address. Please call the centralised service number for booking appointments, tel. +358 2 266 1130 (Mon-Fri from 8 am to 2 pm) and you will be guided to the right health station.

Municipal health care services

There are also other types of health care that FSHS does not provide, such as hospital care and some specialist services. Students who have Turku as their place of residence (kotikunta) have the right to municipal health care. Your home address and postal code will determine your municipal health centre. Weekday emergency services in the Turku area are available from 8.00 to 15.00 at the health centre according to your address.

Medical advice helpline: call 02 10023 on weekdays between 8.00 and 15.00. (For making appointments at your own health centre please call them directly). The City of Turku’s Welfare Division provides medical advice over the phone, the number mentioned above). Your call will be answered by a trained nurse. If there is no immediate life-threatening situation, patients requiring urgent treatment should first attend their local health centre between 8.00 and 15.30. If you are not sure what to do, please contact the medical advice helpline or your local health centre.

The hearing-impaired have their own service for the evaluation of medical care, counselling and making an appointment at a health centre. This can be contacted during office hours by texting 044 907 3824.

More information on municipal services and contact information at your health care centre can be found here.

In case of an emergency

Because FSHS is only open during the week in the daytime, patients must turn to municipal health services in emergencies on weekends and evenings.

Call 112 for ambulance and emergency services. In emergency cases, such as sudden illness, unconsciousness or life-threatening, always call 112. If in doubt as to whether it is an emergency or not, it is always better to call and ask. The emergency medical services helpline advises you on the help you require.

Turku University Hospital, T-Hospital is now the Turku region’s accident and emergency (A&E) centre for providing 24-hour specialised medical care and treatment to those who have fallen suddenly ill or sustained injury.

The Turku region’s A&E centre (Tyks T-Hospital) Savitehtaankatu 1, Turku. Telephone advice centre: 02 313 8800, Family support: 02 313 8930,
Text message services for the hearing-impaired: 050 592 4740.