For incoming international students arriving in August/September 2021: Please note that activating the student card is not possible before the beginning of the semester (August) even if you have paid the student union fee.

Check out also Frank's own FAQ


Q: What is a digital student card?

A: Frank launched a digital student card in August 2016. The card works on iOS and Android phones.


Q: Frank cannot find me on the database. What do I do?

A: You will find your student number on Peppi.

The number is found under your name and it has numbers (X) and one letter (Y) XXXXXX_XXXXXX_Y


Q: I have problems with activating my digital student card. What can I do?

A: It takes some days before the information about your student union payment has been transferred to Frank. Wait some days and try again. You can also try to delete the app and download it again. If problems continue, you can send an e-mail to Frank: Please note that activating the card/app is possible from the beginning of August when the new semester starts. 


Q: I am trying to order the student card but it does not work with a credit card. What should I do?

A: In case there are temporary problems with the order, we inform about it on the "new's" section of our website. If you cannot find any notification about it, please e-mail to 


Q: I am supposed to order my student card but I am confused. Who is Frank?

A: TYY Student Card is ordered from Frank Company. You can make the order here. Remember to choose the University of Turku as your home University.


Q: Can I order TYY Student Card before paying the Student Union fee?

A: You should pay the Student Union fee first. Please note that ordering the card/ app is not possible before the beginning of the semester.


Q: How can I pay for the TYY Student Card?

A: You can pay your student card with any debit or credit card. All the most common card types are accepted e.g. all Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards. It's not possible to pay the order with e-banking credentials or with cash. Please note that the app is free of charge.


Q: Can my friend or family member pay for my student card or does it have to be paid with my own card?

A: Your friend and family member can also pay for the card. Also, you can pay the card for another person.


Q: Can I use Maestro-card to pay for the student card?

A: Some banks’ Maestro cards work in the payment but it depends on the bank in question.


Q: What type of student card should I choose?

A:  If you study in Finland only for a short time plastic or digital student card are the best options for you.


Q: In card order, they ask for my Finnish ID number. I don’t have one, what do I do?

A: You might have tried to order the card with a payment feature that requires the Finnish ID number. Try to order a basic student card without the payment feature. Also, the Frank app is possible to download without a Finnish id number. Please also note that Frank student card with ISIC can only be ordered with a payment feature and requires a Finnish ID number. 


Q: Can I order a student card with a payment feature if I have a Finnish ID number?

A: Yes but then you will need to know your Finnish address and Finnish phone number. The card with payment feature is sent to your home address in Finland and you will need to have a Finnish phone number in order to get the confirmation message and finish your order.


Q: I have already a student ISIC card, can I get TYY’s sticker on it?

A: ISIC card alone is not connected to the membership of any Student Union. However, you can order TYY Student Card with the international ISIC feature (with an additional fee). The ISIC card gives you discounts in more than 130 countries. Please note that any student card is not an official form of identification in Finland!


Q: Are there any restrictions for the photo on the student card?

A: The digital photo on the student card has some restrictions:

  • The picture has to be taken directly from the front a bit like a passport photo.
  • The picture must be vertical.
  • The picture may be black and white or color picture, as you want.
  • The photo must be a recognisable picture of the student.


Q: I ordered a card to the wrong Student Union, what can I do?

A: Please contact for changes.


Q: The card order does not accept my phone number, what do I do?

A: The card ordering system might not accept your foreign phone number even with the country code so try to write the number in Finnish form, for example, 0501234567. If you still have problems, please contact for further details. You should also be able to use your foreign phone number.


Q: I study in Pori/ Rauma, where can I get my student card?

A: The card will be sent to your address here in Finland, also if it's in Pori or Rauma.


Q: I studied in another city a couple of years ago; can I use that student card again?

A: Unfortunately you have to order a new student card that states that you are a member of the Student Union of the University of Turku. Please check that your student card says The Student Union of the University of Turku if you have earlier studied in Pori or Rauma.


Q: Can I use my student card as a library card?

A: Unfortunately TYY Student Card cannot be used as a library card. You can get a library card when you borrow books the first time. You can use any library of the University of Turku.


Q: I accidentally put my home country’s student number on the card order, what do I do now?

A: Please contact for changes.


Q: I have already been in Turku for 6 months and already have TYY Student Card, do I have to order the new one?

A: If you already have the student card of the Student Union of the University of Turku, you do not need to order a new one. Just pay the membership fee and pick up a new sticker.


Q: How do I know when my student card is ready to be picked up?

A: The card will be sent to your home address here in Finland. Please remember to make a notification of the move at the Post office. You can pick up the annual sticker from the Student Union’s service desk during opening hours from the beginning of August.


Q: Can I pay TYY Student Card and Student Union fee together at the same time?

A: The payment of the Student Union fee and the TYY Student Card fee go to different places as the card company handles the orders. That is why we wish you to pay them separately.


Q: I already have the TYY Student Card, where can I get the sticker?

A: You can pick up the new sticker at our service desk. Please see the opening hours on our website.


Q: How long is the sticker valid?

A: If you have paid the whole academic year or spring term, your sticker is valid until the end of next year’s September. If you have paid only for the autumn semester, your sticker is valid until the end of next year’s January.


Q: My student card got lost. What do I do?

A: You can order a new student card. If you had a valid sticker on your card, you do not need to pay the membership fee again. You can also download the app if you have Android or iPhone.


Q: I accidentally ordered 2 student cards. What do I do now?

A: Please contact for further details.


Q: Can I order the ISIC card without the payment feature?

A: Unfortunately you cannot order a Frank card that has ISIC and comes without a payment feature but you can order an additional ISIC card here. If you want to order a Frank student card with ISIC and payment feature, you also need a Finnish ID number.


Q: I am not able to come to the TYY service desk and I only need the sticker on my old student card. Can I send you my student card and you send it back to me with a sticker?

A: Yes, you may send us your student card with the payment invoice + return envelope with a stamp and your address and we will send the student card back to you with the sticker on it. Please notice that the sending is at your own risk. Please also note that we send stickers via post only on a normal student card without the payment feature.

You can send the card to:

Ylioppilastalo A, 1. krs
Rehtorinpellonkatu 4 A
20500 TURKU

Please note that our info desk might be closed some days or weeks during holidays. You can always check the updated opening times on the home page of TYY's website.


Q: I am trying to make the card order but it does not go through. What could I do?

A: Try to use another browser (Chrome, Explorer, Firefox). If it still does not work, contact


Q: How are the student discounts with student cards? Do I have to order the card to get them?

A: You need to have a student card to get the discounts. Until your card has arrived, you can use the certificate signed by the Student Centre Disco. You can get it upon registration. Please read more about student discounts on FÖLI website.