Q: How do I pay the Student Union fee?

A: You should pay the Student Union fee with the bank transfer slip that you get from the University of Turku. You can pay the fee via your web bank or Finnish bank. Please note that some banks do not accept payments unless you have opened a bank account in their office.


Q: I was about to pay the Student Union fee. I did not understand what “TYY’s emblem” on the invoice is. Do I have to pay for it?

A: The emblem is TYY's logo that can be put as decoration on student cap that Finnish students wear as a sign of high school graduation. You will also see people wearing the student cap during Vappu 30.4.-1.5. You are of course welcome to buy TYY’s emblem even though you do not have a student cap.


Q: Can I also pay just one semester?

A: If you stay only for one semester, you can, of course, do so. The membership fee is compulsory by law for bachelor’s and master’s degree students and voluntary for the exchange students and postgraduate students. Please check the current prices on our website.


Q: What are the additional fees?

A: Additionally you may pay TYY’s emblem and our development cooperation projects. Please learn more about our development projects here.


Q: Can I use Paypal in paying the student union fee?

A: Unfortunately not.


Q: Can I use a credit card to pay TYY’s membership fee?

A: If you are an exchange student, you can pay TYY’s membership fee by using the bank transfer slip that is given to you in the Student Centre Disco. If you are a degree student, you will get information about payment during registration.


Q: I forgot to use the reference number, will my payment still go through?

A: Do not worry. Your payment will go through but it just takes us longer to track your payment.


Q: Where can I get my student number?

A: If you have not got your student number yet, you can e-mail disco@utu.fi.


Q: I paid Student Union fee but I did not get a reply. Is something wrong?

A: We receive so many payments every year that we cannot send you an individual message of the receiving of the payment. However, it is a good idea to print/ take a screenshot of the receipt of your payment and bring it along until your student card has arrived or the app has been activated.


Q: My bank is asking me to pay a minimum of 100 euros. What can I do?

A: For reasons beyond the control of TYY, some banks might have restrictions on payments. If you cannot pay several payments at once, we recommend you to pay the Student Union fee after you have arrived in Finland.


Q: The IBAN code does not work, what do I do?

A: Try to write all digits together without spaces. If you still have problems, please contact your bank.


Q: How can I get the link to pay the membership fee?

A: You should receive the payment information from the University before the semester starts.  


Q: Can I pay Frank card and student union fee together at the same time?

A: The payment of the Student Union fee and the Frank card fee goes to different organisations. That is why we wish you to pay them separately.


Q: My student union fee receipt is in a foreign language, is it ok?

A: Receipt in a foreign language is ok as long as the sums on the payment are correct.


Q: I already paid the Student Union fee but unfortunately I cannot come to Turku. What can I do now?

A: Please contact tyy-internationalspecialist@utu.fi for further details.


Q: I am accepted as PhD student. How do I get the invoice to pay the student union fee?

A: After being accepted as PhD student at UTU you should send e-mail to disco@utu.fi and ask for the invoice. Please note that joining the Student Union is voluntary for PhD students. You can read the membership benefits for doctoral candidates here.


Q: The fees for transferring money are high. Can I pay the membership fees after I arrive there?

A: Yes you may pay the fee in the bank here in Turku.


Q: I have an ISIC card, could I use it as a membership card of the Student Union?

A:  You can use your ISIC card in Finland in cases when an ISIC card is required. However, the ISIC card alone is not connected to the membership of the Student Union and you cannot get the discounted lunches, transportation and health care etc. with it. That is why we encourage you to join the student union and order the Frank student card.


Q: Can my friend or family member pay the student union fee or does it have to be deducted from my own bank account?

A: Your friend and family member can also pay the fee. Also, you can pay the membership fee for another person. Just remember to use the right reference number.


Q: If I already paid the membership fee for the Student Union, am I automatically a member of the ESN and other sub-organisations as well?

A: Some of the organisations may offer additional discounts with their own membership fee/ membership card. You will other student organisations during orientation. Please contact directly the organisation in question for more details.


Q: Can I use Western Union when transferring the money?

A: Unfortunately not.


Q: I do not have access to a printer. Do I need to print out the receipt of the payment or is a screenshot on my phone/ pad/ laptop enough?

A: The screenshot is enough, as long as it shows clearly that your invoice has been paid.


Q: My bank needs the address of TYY's bank. What is it?

A: Turun Seudun Osuuspankki, Maariankatu 4, 20100 Turku.


Q: My bank says the name of the receiver is too long. What do I do?

A: You can write "TYY" as the receiver. In general, the most important is you always use the right account number and reference number when making the payment.