The Student Union of the University of Turku has a contract with bank called Osuuspankki. There are two offices in the centre of Turku and each of them has staff that speaks English:

  • Kauppatori (Aurakatu 10) cash payments here. Open Mon-Thu 9-18, Fri 9-16:30, you should book appointment or come without appointment.
  • Maariankatu, no cash payments, Open Mon-Fri 9-16:30 without appointment, 9-20 with appointment. You can book appointment or come without appointment.

Q: Do I need to open a bank account?

A: First of all we recommend you to think whether you need a bank account or not during your stay or would it be possible to make the transfers from your home country’s bank account.

If you stay in Finland longer time or need a Finnish bank account for example because of your scholarship, it might be a good idea to open an account.

Basic bank services include an account and Visa Electron when needed which is free for customer under 26 years of age (price for customers over 26 years of age: € 2/ month, the prices are updated twice a year and might vary). 


Q: What do I need to do in order to open a bank account?

A: If you need to open an account, you have to always book an appointment first. If you need to open an account, always bring your passport. We also recommend you to bring the letter of acceptance and possible certificate of your scholarship. It is always better to bring too many documents and papers than too few!
In addition to basic account you can get a VISA Electron Card.
Please note that upon opening the bank account, you can already decide the date when you want your account to be closed.
In case you have fixed costs during your stay (e.g. rent for your apartment) you may ask for direct payment agreement. Please note that you have to have necessary amount of money on your account on days that the sum is being charged.


Q: What about online bank?

A: Online bank is not basic bank service so there are more specific requirements.

For citizens of EU and EEA (+ Switzerland and San Marino): In order to get online bank, you need to get Personal Identity Code (Finnish: Henkilötunnus, HETU).
If you come from outside EU and EEA Countries (EU+  Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and need an online bank, you also need to identified at the police station OR get Personal Identity Card. Please note that Finnish identity card costs ca. € 53 and identifying at police station costs ca. € 41. In short run it may be cheaper to pay in cash or use direct payment.
The price of online bank for customers over 26 years of age € 2, 70/ month.  
Please see more information about identification at the website of FFI (Federation of Finnish Financial Services)► “Know Your Customer, why do banks ask?”


Q: Is the web bank service in English?

A: Yes.


Q: Can I come directly to the office?

A: You have to book a time online or call: 010 256 9213. If possible, you can ask your tutor to book the time.


Q: Can I pay with cash in Osuuspankki without opening the account?

A: Normally Osuuspankki does not accept payments from customers who do not have account in Osuuspankki.