You should start looking for a flat well on time before arriving to Turku. Neither University of Turku nor TYY can guarantee or arrange housing for you but you can get advice from both. The busiest time for home search is always the beginning of the semester therefore should use many different search channels and start early! On this page we have listed you some of most convenient tips. Check out also ESN Uni Turku's tips on apartment hunt.

Remember to make a change of address notification (muuttoilmoitus) so that your mail and packages will be delivered. This can be filled out at any post office or also at

If you plan to stay in Finland for one year or longer, you should make an appointment and visit local register office (Turun maistraatti).

Housing survey

TYY International Sector conducts survey on International students' housing situation. Read summary about surveys here:

2015 Housing survey

2016 Housing survey

Exchange Student


Turku Student Village Foundation (TYS) has apartments and shared apartments reserved for the exchange students. The apartments include furniture, water, electricity and Internet and they are located in several places in Turku.


Turku Municipal Property Corporation (City of Turku) is renting rooms for exchange students in The Retrodorm student dormitory. See the current rent price on the website (furniture, water, electricity and internet included).  

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Master Student


As an accepted degree student you can apply for housing at TYS website. You need your certificate of admission before you can apply for accommodation in Turku Student Village Foundation (TYS). The prices include furniture, water, electricity and Internet.

Apartment from general rental markets

It can be challenging to find housing for a short period of time on the private rental markets. You may need to ask tips from your tutor but there are also some web pages that offer information in English. You can however take a look at websites and facebook groups offering apartments.
Here some examples of useful web pages that offer information also in English:

Furnished apartments


Housing Anywhere

The University of Turku is a partner of, the international student housing platform. Students who are coming from abroad to Turku can find & book a student room on The rooms on this platform are offered by our students that go abroad for a study abroad semester, exchange, Erasmus or internship. You can also find listings from local trusted landlords, guesthouses and housing operators. Using the platform itself is completely free for you as a student; when you make a concrete booking, an administrative fee will be charged as a part of HousingAnywhere’s secure booking system. You can also use this platform to sublet your place during your time abroad. This way you can avoid paying double rent and can move back in your place upon your return.

More information on Housing Anywhere's website

For a shorter period, you can also take a look at:



Guest houses:

Emergency housing


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Accommodation tips collected by ESN Uni Turku

ESN Uni Turku has collected these tips that may be useful when wondering which housing option would be most suitable for you during your stay in Turku.

Retrodorm (only for exchange students)

  • Address: Virvoituksentie 3
  • Rent: See the current price on the website, includes water, electricity, internet. Shared shower and kitchen, private toilet. Mostly single rooms.
  • Buses to the city center: 7, 12, 18, 61, closest stop - 0.5km
  • Distances:

-to the city center: 2.3km

-TUAS Lemminkäisenkatu - 2km

-TUAS Sepänkatu -1.7km (direct bus 18)

-TUAS Ruiskatu - 1.3km

-TUAS Linnankatu - 3.6km

-ÅA/UTU/TUAS Joukahaisenkatu - 2km

-University of Turku - 2.9km

-Turku School of Economics -2.6km

-Åbo Akademi - 2.1km

-Novia University of Applied Sciences - 2km


Student Village West

  • Address: Inspehtorinkatu (number 4 - TYS Office)
  • Rent: See the current price on the website, includes water, electricity, internet. Private bathrooms. Single rooms with a common kitchen, one per floor, 12 rooms on each floor.
  • Buses to the city center: 50, 51, 53, 54, 220, closest bus stop - 100m
  • Distances:

-to the city center: 2km

-TUAS Lemminkäisenkatu - 2.4km

-TUAS Sepänkatu -2.8km

-TUAS Ruiskatu - 4.4km

-TUAS Linnankatu - 4km

-ÅA/UTU/TUAS Joukahaisenkatu - 1.9km

-University of Turku - 650m

-Turku School of Economics -1.2km

-Åbo Akademi - 1.9km

-Novia University of Applied Sciences - 2km


Varissuo (Iltakajo/Aamurusko)

  • Address: Iltakajo - Krööpilänkatu 4
  • Aamurusko-Pihkalankatu 5
  • Rent: See the current price on the website, includes water, electricity, internet. Apartment, 2-3 people. Shared bathroom,  kitchen and balcony with the other flatmates.
  • Buses to the city center:  12, 32, 42, closest stop - 200m
  • Distances:

-to the city center: 6.4km

-TUAS Lemminkäisenkatu - 4.4km (direct bus 32/42)

-TUAS Sepänkatu -6km

-TUAS Ruiskatu - 5.4km

-TUAS Linnankatu - 7.8km

-ÅA/UTU/TUAS Joukahaisenkatu - 4.3km (direct bus 32/42)

-University of Turku - 4.9km

-Turku School of Economics -4.9km

-Åbo Akademi - 5.4km (direct bus 32/42)

-Novia University of Applied Sciences - 5.6km