Where can I receive my student card and which services does TYY provide? Under the title Services, we have gathered services intended for TYY members from counselling services to TYY rentals. You can find also all essential information on student card and how to obtain it.

New student - Survival kit of a first year student

Student card - Student card is an official certificate of your student status. It entitles you to several student benefits across the country.

Starting Package Storage - Available to all exchange students who are members of TYY.

Health care - FSHS at your service.

Housing - Students do not have a lot of money, but they have to live somewhere. Read hints for student housing!

Income - How to survive with my money?

Counselling services - TYY Specialists work for you.

Student cafeterias - There are several affordable but great cafeterias.

Rentals - We hire out e.g. sauna and dishes.

Guides - When you need more information.

TYY at Pori and Rauma - TYY’s service points in Satakunta.

On My Mind support student activities - The goal is that nobody is left alone with their worries and difficulties. Read more here.