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TYY Staff

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The TYY Staff are payed employees whose job is to give counselling services to Student Union members, prepare proposals, be authorities in their areas of responsibility and assist the Executive Board in the execution of decisions. There are eight members of the staff; three of them see to the special interests of students. Other secretaries work in the fields of member services, administration and finances.

An important part of the specialists and secretaries duties is student counselling in matters in specific fields. For example, the Specialist in Social Affairs can help in matters concerning problems in livelihood, the Specialist in Academic Affairs deals with questions concerning studies and students’ legal rights, the Specialist in International Affairs is an authority in matters concerning internationalism and the Specialist in Student Organisations and Communication is responsible for internal and external media and communications and services for TYY sub-organisations. The Financial Secretary sees to TYY finances and the TYY Office Secretary works at the TYY service desk.

Secretary General

Rauli Elenius
+358 40 055 1931

The Secretary General is the chief-of-staff of the Secretariat and manages the organisational affairs of the Student Union. He also makes sure that Student Union matters are dealt with in a timely fashion. The Secretary General also works as the secretary at the Student Union Council meetings as well as oversees the operation of the entire TYY structure.

Communications Officer

Frida Pessi
+358 44 796 1077

Communications Officer coordinates internal and external media and communications: website, social media, public relations, marketing TYY’s events and campaigns.

Specialist, Student Organisations

Lauri Lahoniitty
+358 44 796 1065

The Specialist in Student Organisations handles matters pertaining to sub-organisations.

Students can turn to the Specialist in Student Organisations in any question concerning sub-organisations including all kinds of legal and financial matters. He can also help in filling out, for example, applications for activity and project support. In addition to these duties, the Specialist in Student Organisations arranges training sessions for student organisation actors.

Specialist, International Affairs

Satu Nurmi
+358 44 796 1063

The Specialist in International Affairs is an authority in matters concerning student exchange, internationalisation and development cooperation. She organises international tutor training, oversees the coordination of the Starting Package Storage service for incoming exchange students and coordinates the TYY cooperation development project in Mexico. Students can always turn to the Specialist in International Affairs in question on these issues.

Specialist, Social Affairs

Petra Peltonen
+358 44 796 1078

The Specialist in Social Affairs works as a contact to action groups in her field and takes care of the distribution of information on current affairs in social policy. When you don’t know who to turn to, the Specialist in Social Affairs can advise you in questions concerning, for example, livelihood. She will be able to give you information on how to make an impact as a student and take action in the areas of social policy and well-being.

The Specialist in Social Affairs is also the person to contact in cases of harassment. You can contact her if you encounter sexual harassment at the University of Turku. All discussions on these difficult circumstances are kept in absolute confidence.

Specialist, Academic Affairs

Joni Kajander
+358 44 796 1064

The Specialist in Academic Affairs takes care of questions dealing with the special interests of student rights. If you feel that you have been unfairly treated in matters concerning your studies, the Specialist in Academic Affairs is the right person that can help you. This includes, for example, your grades or the evaluation of your thesis, or possible issues with your supervisor. He is also able to assist in student impact at the departments, having an abundance of useful tips for actors in the subject associations who are responsible for study and academic affairs.

Financial Secretary

Tuulikki Grönholm
+358 44 796 1076

The Financial Secretary manages the finances of the Student Union: bookkeeping, accounts payable and receivable, invoicing, invoice payments and payroll. Her responsibilities also include notices, accounts, certificates and collections pertaining to these financial affairs.

TYY Office Secretary

Pirjo Saarni
+358 44 796 1067

TYY Office Secretary manages the TYY Service desk (Student House A, 1st floor, open Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri 10.00-11.00 and 12.00-14.00, Thu 12.00-15.00) where student cards, special TYY items and other services are available.

Editor in Chief

Nella Keski-Oja
+358 45 356 4517

Editor in chief is in charge of Turku Student Magazine's journalistic policy. He edits the magazine's contents. You can contact the editor in chief if you want to write an article in the magazine, give a hint on what we should write about or give feedback about the magazine.

Secretary for Student Affairs in Rauma

Aleksi Tupasela
+358 45 356 4510

Secretary for Student Affairs in Rauma takes care of TYY's services in Rauma in the University of Turku's Department of Teacher Education. You can contact the secretary for student affairs if you have any questions concerning for example student cards or stickers in Rauma. The secretary of student affairs also acts as a intermediate between Rauma and Turku and you can always contact the secretary if you want to know anything about studying in Rauma.

Starting Package Coordinator

Topu Akhand

Starting Package Coordinator takes care of the Starting Package Storage and plans the information about the packages. Packages are offered to exchange students.


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