The TYY Staff are payed employees whose job is to give counselling services to Student Union members, prepare proposals, be authorities in their areas of responsibility and assist the Executive Board in the execution of decisions. There are eight members of the staff; three of them see to the special interests of students. Other secretaries work in the fields of member services, administration and finances.

An important part of the specialists and secretaries duties is student counselling in matters in specific fields. For example, the Specialist in Social Affairs can help in matters concerning problems in livelihood, the Specialist in Academic Affairs deals with questions concerning studies and students’ legal rights, the Specialist in International Affairs is an authority in matters concerning internationalism and the Specialist in Student Organisations and Communication is responsible for internal and external media and communications and services for TYY sub-organisations. The Financial Secretary sees to TYY finances and the TYY Office Secretary works at the TYY service desk.