In the elections for the Student Union Council on 27 October – 3 November 2021, 41 representatives will be chosen among the eligible members of the TYY to the Council of the Student Union of the University of Turku.

Election results

What is the Student Union Council all about?

The new Student Union Council will start its two-year term in January 2022. The Council is the highest decision-making authority in the Student Union. It decides on what the Student Union will do in each of the two years while in office. It uses this power by determining how much money will be used and for what purposes.

In other words, the Student Union Council approves the annual budget and decides what the Student Union will focus on during the council's term. During the year, the Student Union Council usually convenes once a month (excluding summer months).

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Election announcement

The election announcement contains all the official important information regarding the elections, such as dates and times.

Declaration of candidature
Founding document for a coalition
Agreement to form an electoral alliance

The documents page contains all the official documents needed when e.g. running as a candidate or founding an electoral coalition.

Any questions?

For more information, please contact TYY’s Secretary General Petra Peltonen,, or TYY's specialist for International Affairs Satu Nurmi,