The TYY directorates consist of several boards and committees operating at TYY. These bodies are chosen by the Student Union Council who has delegated power to them to make propositions and decisions as well as overseeing duties.

Financial Board

The Financial Board oversees the Student Union finances. Before arriving at the Student Union Council, all decisions, which include a broader, financial significance to the Student Union, goes through the Financial Board. The Financial Board submits its statement on these decisions to the Student Union Council. The Financial Board also functions as a general meeting of Universitas Oy which manages Student Union business. TYY owns through Universitas Oy, for example, 51% of Unica, which runs the student cafeterias and cafés in the campus area.

The Financial Board is selected at the Student Union Councils organization meeting for a two-year term. Unlike other directorates, the Financial Board members are selected only from the Student Union Council. In other words, all of its members are Student Union Council members or deputy members.

Financial Board members:
Jesse Huovinen, chair
Kouki Sointu
Lemponen Elina
Rajala Julius
Yli-Pietilä Eemil
Tursas Ossi
Forsström Ville

Turku Student Newspaper Executive Committee

The Turku Student Newspaper Executive Committee uses general jurisdiction when it comes to the paper. The committee first and foremost oversees the finances, distribution and printing of the paper and annually selects the c.o. (conscientious objector) journalist.

The Student Newspaper Executive Committee members 2017:

Sade Kondelin, chair

Sara Koiranen

Emma Lappalainen

Lauri Liljenbäck

Sannimari Veini

Kristiina Karikko

Simo Nuuttila

Film Board

The TYY Film Board works as the board of the Kinokopla Film Club.

Film Board members 2016:

Emma Vuorinen, chair
Henni Eronen
Olli Jakonen
Valtteri Juvonen
Bea Karlstedt
Tuomo Marttila
Markus Mickels
Axel Ojala
Anni Varis