Electoral Coalitions

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These are some of the electoral coalitions active in The Student Union Council Elections 2019. If your coalition is not on this list, please send a short description of your list in Finnish and English to TYY's specialist in organisations and administration Lauri Lahoniitty (tyy-jarjestosihteeri@utu.fi) and it will be added.


Demokraatit (The Democrats) advance social democratic values in the student union. Those values include freedom, solidarity, equality and humanity. We think the student union should be an active and influential actor and guardian of students' interests that advances the will and values of its membership and advances the wellbeing of students. We also think that the student union has to be an exemplary force when it comes to climate action and sustainable development.

Election coordinator: Ville Kurtti, viarku(a)utu.fi


Hybridiaani is a Council group formed by the students from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and is politically non-attached. Hybridiaani oversees that TYY takes into account the needs of our students. We take care that every organization under TYY is equally noticed and treated despite of their size. In addition, it's important to us that TYY has variety of services to offer, for example spaces for students or organizations to rent.

Election coordinator: Maija Jortikka, mamajo(a)utu.fi


Oikeat is now Kokoomus!

We are an honest and open politically committed group in the student union council. We value freedom and responsibility above all. These traits have lead us to the welfare we know today. Freedom and responsibility go hand-in-hand everywhere, including the world of university.

Although we are the smallest group, our influence in the council is undeniable.

Election coordinator:
Roope Ruohonen
050 354 8613

Ryhmä Lex

Ryhmä Lex is a coalition of law students. We don’t represent any political ideology, but aim at an effective Student Union, which is more about promoting the interests of students than producing services. Economical rationality is also very important for us. The Student Union should use every euro paid by students in a way that benefits all! Due to our political independency we have a wide range of people with different backgrounds and ideologies on our list. Our education is very comprehensive and therefore we are capable of promoting our views efficiently and bringing legal perspective to discussions.

Election coordinators: Camilla Saarinen, camilla.e.saarinen(a)utu.fi & Veera Peltonen, veera.m.peltonen(a)utu.fi


We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be involved in decision making regardless of their attachment to any polical party. Soihdunkantajat as a group is known to be well-informed, well-prepared and well-trusted – we always take responsibility
to deliver with integrity.

Find us on Facebook or contact our election coordinators,

Tiia Ylä-Peräinen, teylpe(a)utu.fi
Sara Seppälä, sara.j.seppala(a)utu.fi

The Green Left - Viva

The Green Left of the University of Turku (Viva) is a non-partisan, red-green and feminist student organization, that is a year-round organization under the University of Turku Student Union (TYY) and a group in the Student Union Council.  At the University, Viva promotes leftist values - equality, feminism, solidarity, environmentalism and social responsibility - and opposes the commercialization of public space. Viva wants to make Council activities more accessible and transparent.

Election coordinator: Siiri Tikkanen, sikyti(a)utu.fi

The Green List

The Green List unites students with green ideas from every campus, faculty, school and department at the University of Turku. Environmental and social equality issues are close to our hearts, and we’ve been working towards both at our representative body. We believe that the Student Union should be a compelling lobbyist, ensuring that students’ voices are heard at the governing bodies of both our university and the city of Turku.

The Student Union must be ambitious in its duties. Student organisations are especially dear to the Green List. At the Student Union council, we make sure that our organisations flourish, and they have enough various spaces at hand. In addition, we are advancing the lively and diverse student culture, that connects the members of TYY beyond the borders of faculties.

Come and join us as we work towards a greener, more equal and more accommodating Student Union.

The Green List election coordinator: Iida Salonen (iielsal(a)utu.fi)
The Green List chair: Nelli Mäkitalo (neelma(a)utu.fi)

The Humanist List

The Humanist List (Humanistilista) is a party-politically independent council group representing humanists in the Student Union Council. Accessibility, culture and multidisciplinarity are the most important things for our council group. We want to make sure that the decision making in the Student Union Council is as open and as high quality as possible.

You can contact our election coordinators:

Sini Saarinen (sijosa(a)utu.fi)
Crista Sinisalo (crdasi(a)utu.fi)


TSE-list is the group for economics students in the Student Union Council. For TSE-lista, important values are responsible decision making, rational finance politic and quality education. In addition, we demand better employment rate for all students, to give more attention for international students in university cooperation, offer quality services for organizations.

By it’s own work, TSE-lista will try also provide good elections in student council and in our university, and tries to increase the possibility for TSE students to reach major advocacy positions locally and nationally.

Follow TSE-lista on Instagram @tse_lista and on Facebook TSE-lista. If you come up with any questions, please take contact to Lauri Toivola, lauri.m.toivola(a)utu.fi

TYY Terveeksi

TYY Terveeksi, also known as TyTe (Make TYY Healthy) is a party-politically independent council group representing students of the medical faculty in the Student Union Council. TyTe’s decisions and positions are formed and affected by the body of the students from the four subject associations it represents: TLKS ry, THLKS ry, IVA ry and Adaptus ry. Most importantly TyTe is a strong advocate for student’s well-being, health services as well as well-functioning mental health services.

You can follow us on social media: blog http://tyyterveeksi.blogspot.fi/, ig @tyyterveeksi and Facebook Tyy Terveeksi

If you're interested to represent us, please contact our election coordinators Jenni Koskinen jemlah(a)utu.fi or Zaida Laakso zalaak(a)utu.fi

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