Electoral Coalitions

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These are some of the electoral coalitions active in The Student Union Council Elections 2017. If your coalition is not on this list, please send a short description of your list in Finnish and English to TYY's specialist in organisations and administration Lauri Lahoniitty (tyy-jarjestosihteeri@utu.fi) and it will be added.

Electoral Coalitions

Green Left

The Green Left is a partypolitically independent council group for all green-left students in Turku University. For us, the student union should focus both on lobbying and services. That’s why for us preserving the student magazine of Turku, maintaining a versatile field of organisations and actively searching and maintaining spaces for them and students are central goals. On the lobbying side we oppose study fees, narrow study paths and commercialization of science and university.

In our vision every student has excellent and wide opportunities to develop themselves as a professional in their respective fields. The student union is an important organisation that makes the students voice heard both within the university community as well as wider in the surrounding world. The student union makes every students study time unique and ensures that students time in the university is rich and trouble-free both during lectures and free time.

Contact person: Pekka Rantala - pjrant(a)utu.fi

Green list

Green list is the advocate for equality, transparency and sustainable development in the Student Union!

We are uncommitted to any political party, and we are known as an active group, that faithfully defends student culture. During this term we have e.g. taken the floor for the new student space Q-house and protested the sudden cuts from Student Theater's grants. In our university of dreams, even small student organizations have resources to work, the Student Union will firmly stand up for student rights and the university will both offer quality education as well as take care of the environment.

Our group decisions are made monthly in meetings, which are open to all those who ran in the council elections on our list. We consist of students from almost all faculties. Come along and join us!

Contact the election coordinators Anni Mylläri (aemmyl(a)utu.fi) or Katariina Kulha (kasuku(a)utu.fi).

Group Lex

Group Lex is politically nonaligned student council´s representative group consisting of law students. Group Lex stands for efficient and economic student union as well as active promotion of students´ interests. Student council elections of 2017 Group Lex advocate for genuinely free and flexible university education.

May the Lex be with you!

Council elections coordinator: Roni Sirjonen - roansi(a)utu.fi


Humanistilista is a politically unaffiliated group representing students mostly in the Faculty of Humanities on all campuses. We value transparency and communication with all the other council groups. In our opinion listening to everyone’s point of view gives the best and the most efficient results in our common causes. In the spirit of humanism we want to make our student union a little better and more accessible for each and every one of us while hearing everyone out. Keeping our student culture vivid and alive while protecting it is something we are known for, alongside with openness.

You can find us on Facebook or contact our election coordinator, Sini Saarinen sini.j.saarinen(a)gmail.com.


Oikeat is a centre-right list that includes National Coalition Party members and independent nominees also. Our values are i.a. freedom, responsibility, education and equal opportunity. Students are individuals for us with various needs and hopes. Students are not any kind of faceless mass and should not be treated such. We have wide possibilities to influence via our cooperation network in Turku and at the national level. We really want a better student union for all of us!

Contact person: Janne Heikkinen - jjohei(a)utu.fi


Soihdunkantajat is a politically unaffiliated group that has been influencing in Student Union Council since 1998. Recently we´ve had three representatives in the council and two members in the executive board. Our list is open for every student in TYY, even though most of us are students of social sciences. We also represent students of Pori and Rauma campuses. We are known to be active in TYY Executive Board and Wings, Student Union Council and in national politics.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be involved in decision making regardless of their attachment to anu polical party. Soihdunkantajat as a group are known to be well-informed, well-prepared and well-trusted – we always take responsibility to deliver with integrity.


TSE-list is a party-politically independent council group representing students from Turku School of Economics in Turku and Pori and economics students from faculty of political science.
Important values for us are responsible decision making, reasonable management of finances and high quality education. We also want to pay high attention to our international students in the university, pursue services of good quality to organizations and be brave predecessors in the students' union. With our actions we want to make excellent choices of the right persons in the students' union and in university and also further TSE students' possibilities to apply to significant trusteeship positions both locally and nationally.

If you're interested to represent us, please contact our election coordinator Ira Silvendoin, ira.m.silvendoin(a)utu.fi.

TYY Terveeksi

TYY Terveeksi, also known as TyTe (Make TYY Healthy) represents all of the students of the medical faculty in the Student Union Council. TyTe is a politically independent group that’s decisions and positions are formed and affected by the body of the students from the four subject associations it represents: TLKS ry, THLKS ry, IVA ry and Adaptus ry. Most importantly TyTe is a strong advocate for student’s well-being, health services as well as well-functioning mental health services.

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