TYY Executive Board is a student’s voice. In the Executive Board, you can influence the learning environment of the University of Turku and build our common student culture. In the Board, you work regularly with the university's administration and other key stakeholders to make the University of Turku a better place to study. The Executive Board has a prominent role in the organisation field. Being on the Board has opened up many opportunities in different kinds of jobs.

Board members are paid a monthly remuneration of € 850 to allow full-time focus. There are no official working hours, hence the agreed meetings, tasks and events are carried out in the way that is best for the board. Below example weeks from two board members.

Board work requires good negotiating skills, organisational skills and capability to cope with stress. The board has always members with a wide range of views. The board members must compromise and get along with different kinds of people. When selecting the Board members, the Council pays attention to motivation and interest in the task, the breadth of experience, presentation skills, learning ability and ability to reflect on their own activities, teamwork and collaboration skills, possibility to spend sufficient time on the Board work, as well as on the diversity of applicants, the representativeness and the formation of the Executive Board as a whole.

Board term is for one year and the new board starts at the beginning of the year.

Are you interested in working in TYY's Board?

TYY's Board members will be elected in the Student Union Council’s Organisational Meeting on Wednesday 27 November 2019. Propositions for the composition of the board come from the council groups. Get in contact with your council group and express them your interest in working for a better university community.

Check out Student Union Council Groups

Check out Student Union Council Election's Electoral Coalitions

Please note that there may be changes in the electoral groups depending on the results of the Council Elections and the Organisational Meeting. The results of the elections are published on TYY’s website.

Your application should include:

Presenting Council Group

Text (Text section character limit 2500 characters including spaces):
Who are you?
Why are you applying for TYY Executive Board?
What roles/sectors are you interested in in the Executive Board?

List of positions of trust relevant to the task:
The list is not counted in the body of the text but is a separate paragraph. So do not count the list within the 2500 character limit.

Preliminary applications must be submitted by email to tyy-viestintaasiantuntija@utu.fi no later than 18.11.2019 at 23.59. TYY will publish the details and pictures of the nominees on the Executive Board presentation page. If your description text or list contains any content that you do not wish to be published on TYY's website, please submit a version of your text that can be published by 23.59 on November 17, 2019 to tyy-viestintaasiantuntija@utu.fi.


The candidates will be interviewed individually during week 47 (18 November – 21 November) at the TYY office meeting room Rahiala. The interviewer is Inari Harjuniemi, Chair of Election Committee who will agree on the exact times with each candidate individually. The interviews will be videotaped and a screening session will be held for the Election Committee and the Student Union Council at the end of week 47.


A panel for TYY Executive Board candidates will be held on Monday 25 November at 18:15 Publicum in the lecture hall Pub 1.

Open Doors of TYY - Ask about Board membership

TYY's Executive Board offers an opportunity for those interested to come and talk to them about being a student union board member. We are available with the full 2019 board and you can ask us anything! You can also approach by email, but we would like to invite everyone interested in the board to meet us face-to-face. We are happy to tell you how it is to be in TYY's Board!

  • Fri 8 November 15 - 16 TYY office, meeting room Rahiala
  • Tue 12 November 14 - 15 TYY office, meeting room Rahiala

The training of the new board

It is recommended that those who are interested in the board should get familiar with certain documents that guide the Student Union's activities in advance. Important documents include at least the Student Union Strategy, Action Plan, Political Agenda, Financial Strategy, and Budget. You can also get familiar with TYY's current board. It is also advisable to contact the board members (contact information here) and the employees (contact information here) and ask about current issues and useful material.

The 2020 Executive Board will begin its training already in 2019. Trainings are organised from 2 December to 16 December weekdays from 10.00 to 15.00 (except on Monday 9 December from 10.00 to 17.30 and Friday 13 December from 10.00 to 16.00). The new Executive Board will also take part in the Independence Day torch parade on 6 December and the members are welcome to TYY office’s closing party on Friday 13 December starting at 17.00. More detailed content of the training will be provided to the selected Executive Board members. In addition to the training for the entire Executive Board, there will also be training for the new Chair in December.

More info:
Chair of the Student Union Council
Tuomas Dahlström
Sähköposti: tukrda(at)utu.fi