TYY Executive Board is a student’s voice. In the Executive Board, you can influence the learning environment of the University of Turku and build our common student culture and community. In the Board, you work regularly with the university's administration and other key stakeholders to make the University of Turku a better place to study. 

The Board is responsible for implementing the Plan of Action, representing the Student Union externally, and exercising general executive authority within the limits and regulations of the Student Union Council. Board members are also responsible for different sectors.

These sectors include i.e. academic affairs, social affairs, international affairs, organisational affairs, student culture, sports, corporate collaboration, development cooperation, environment, communication and municipality affairs.

Board work consists flexibly of day and evening activities. Board members are paid a monthly remuneration of approximately EUR 860, which is intended to enable the members to concentrate fully on board work. During the summer, the remuneration is not paid for two months. 

The position of trust does not adhere to office hours, but scheduled meetings, briefings and meetings are handled in the best way with the Executive Board, employees and stakeholders. In addition to daytime work and meetings, board work includes many representative meetings, often in the evenings and on weekends; in return, board members are not required to be in the office daily from the morning. The most important is that the decisions of the Board of Representatives and other projects are implemented.

Board work requires good negotiating skills, organisational skills and capability to cope with stress. The board has always members with a wide range of views. The board members must compromise and get along with different kinds of people. 

When selecting the members of the Board, the Student Union Council pays attention to, for example, motivation and interest in the task, the breadth of previous experience, presentation skills, learning and reflection skills, and group and cooperation skills more broadly. Attention is also paid to the fact that the applicant is aware of what he/she is applying for: this is influenced by, for example, a realistic understanding of the job description and the desire to commit to the job and spend enough time on it. On the other hand, the issue to be weighed is the diversity and representativeness of the applicants and the formation of the Executive Board as a whole.

Board term is for one year and the new board starts at the beginning of the year.

The work of the Board will last for one year, and the new Board will take office on 1 January 2022. However, the Board's orientation will start already in 2021.

Are you interested in working in TYY's Board?

Student Union Council will elect the Executive Board 2022 at its meeting on 24 November, 2021. Proposals for the composition of the Board come from the Council Groups.

So get in touch with your Council Group and tell them about your interest in working for a better Student Union and the university community.

See the contact information for the Council Groups 2020–2021

An information session will be held on 1 November for those interested in serving on TYY's Executive Board at 18:15 in Zoom. The information session will provide an overview of what it is like to be an Executive Board member - so join and hear and discuss, for example, what the members’ working week is like and what TYY is like from the board member's point of view. Also, the information session will cover the board application process and how to prepare for it. Welcome to listen, ask and discuss!

It is recommended that those interested in serving on the board familiarise themselves with the documents guiding the activities of the Student Union in advance. Important documents include the Student Union's strategy, Plan of Action and Target Programme, Political Agenda, and Financial Strategy and Budget. Also, it is a good idea to keep in touch with the current Executive Board and employees and to ask about current affairs and good familiarisation materials.

The application process

The application process includes the following steps: application, interview, rehearsal panel and panel.

The application

Include the following items in the application:

Basic information:

  • Photo
  • Name
  • Email (will not be published)
  • Telephone number (will not be published)
  • Council Group

Text (character limit 2500 characters including spaces):

  • Who are you?
  • Why are you applying to TYY's Executive Board?
  • What kind of tasks or sectors interest you in the Executive Board?


  • Positions of trust relevant to the position

The catalogue is not counted in the limit of 2500 characters, it is a separate item of its own. 

Preliminary applications must be submitted by e-mail to tyy-viestintaasiantuntija@utu.fi no later than November 8, 2021, at 23.59. TYY publishes the information and pictures of the candidates nominated by the groups on the presentation page. If your description text or list contains content that you do not want to be published on TYY's website, please send the version of your text to be published by 8 November 2021 at 23.59 to tyy-viestintaasiantuntija@utu.fi. Applicants' contact information, i.e. telephone number and e-mail address, will not be published on the website but will be needed for communication between TYY and the candidates.

Introduction videos

Those who have submitted a preliminary application have the opportunity to send an introduction video. The introductory videos will be saved on the University’s SeaFile. The introduction videos are for the use of the Council members only, so that they can get to know the Candidates better. More detailed instructions for making the videos will be send to Candidates 9 November.

Deadline for videos is on Monday 15 November.


A panel of candidates for TYY's Executive Board candidates will be held on Monday 22 November. at 18 at the Publicum (Assistentinkatu 7) in the lecture hall Pub 1.

The orientation of the new Executive Board 

The Executive Board of 2022 will start its familiarization on task already in the 2021. Orientations will be held in weeks 48–50 on weekdays between 9 and 15.

More information:
Saana Ylikruuvi
Chair of the Student Union Council

Noel Niskanen 
Vice-Chair of the Student Union Council