In the Executive Board, you make the University of Turku a better place to study

TYY Executive Board is a student’s voice. In the Executive Board, you can influence the learning environment of the University of Turku and build our common student culture. In the Board, you work regularly with the university's administration and other key stakeholders to make the University of Turku a better place to study. The Executive Board has a prominent role in the organisation field. Being on the Board has opened up many opportunities in different kinds of jobs.

Board members are paid a monthly remuneration to allow full-time focus. There are no official working hours, hence the agreed meetings, tasks and events are carried out in the way that is best for the board. Below example weeks from two board members.

Board work requires good negotiating skills, organisational skills and capability to cope with stress. The board has always members with a wide range of views. The board members must compromise and get along with different kinds of people. Board term is for one year and the new board starts at the beginning of the year.

Example from Board members calendars:


Are you interested in working in TYY's Board?

TYY's Board members will be elected in the Student Union Council’s organisational meeting on Wednesday 28 November 2018. Propositions for the composition of the board come from the council groups. Get in contact with your own council group and express them your interest in working for a better university community.

Check out Student Union Council Groups

Check out Student Union Council Election's Electoral Coalitions

Please note that there may be changes in the electoral groups depending on the results of the Council Elections and the organisational meeting. The results of the elections are published on TYY’s website.

Your application should be max. A4 page with the following information:

  • Basic information (name, major subject)
  • Introduce yourself and tell why you apply to TYY's board.
  • What kind of issues would you like to particularly work with?
  • Tell us about your previous experience
  • A picture of yourself

The application deadline ends on 18 November. TYY publishes information about the candidates nominated by the groups if they have been submitted them to the TYY’s Communications Officer by 18 November at 23:59.

Individual interviewers will be held on week 47 (20-23 November) and the public candidate panel on 27 November at 18.15.


The training of the new board

It is recommended that those who are interested in the board should get familiar with certain documents that guide the Student Union's activities in advance. Important documents include at least the Student Union Strategy, Action Plan, Political Agenda, Financial Strategy, and Budget. You can also get familiar with TYY's current board. It is also advisable to contact the board members (contact information here) and the employees (contact information here) and ask about current issues and useful material.

The training of the elected board will begin shortly after the election. Please note that you should book most of the working days on from 29 November until 18 December. The aim is to give the elected board an overview of the activities of the Student Union and provide a basis for the division of labor. In January, we will explore different themes further. Below is a preliminary timetable for December introductions.



Executive Board descriptions of activities in 2018

The Executive Board uses a significant part of its time on general board activities. It means getting acquainted with the meeting materials, making decisions, discussing the political views of the Student Union and everything from staging to meetings of the National Union of University Students in Finland. In addition to the general board activity, each board member has also other areas of responsibility within which they operate or to which they seek to influence. Read experiences of 2018 board members of TYY!


"The year as Chair of the Board has been a great experience. I have learned an enormous amount about myself as well as my working habits but also taken a huge step forward as a leader and colleague. It is very rare that a person this young can get responsibility, develop and manage the organisation, and carry out such an extensive work.

As Chair of the Executive Board, I was responsible for the activities of the Board, planned and implemented projects, carried out workshops and prepared documents for the Student Union Council. I have listened to and tried to create our work community the best possible for everyone and make the most influential work to do what is best for students. In addition, I have had dozens of speeches, which all topped off with the first of May eve speech at Art Museum Hill for thousands of people. However, the best as Chair has been to support and monitor the growth of the Board members in their own positions. "


"As Board’s Vice Chair I have been able to negotiate with the workers' representatives in the local implementation of the collective agreement and acted as the contact person between Pori and Rauma campuses. In the latter task I have been able to promote the flow of information, but also cooperation between Pori and Rauma campuses actors and offices, as well as promote local students’ interests.

As responsible for organisations and tutoring I got to meet with the chairs of the organisations in the Council of chairs’ monthly meetings and University’s student tutors in their training. In the Council of chairs, we have organised training sessions, workshops, and discussions on topical issues. I also got to decide about financial supports in cooperation with the Specialist of Student Organisations.


"My year as a member of the Board has been extremely rewarding.  I have been the first member that has had Corporate Collaboration as the main task and I have been able to develop Student Union’s Corporate Collaboration in new directions and carry out the cooperation in my own way as a member of the Board. My year consists mainly of maintaining existing cooperation agreements, acquiring new partners and generating new business cooperation materials. In addition, I got to work with the Student Union’s organisations, as well as support other board’s responsibilities from the perspective of Corporate Collaboration. I have also been able to work closely with the Student Union’s Communication Officer in the implementation of various communication modules.

Working on the board has provided a tremendous amount of valuable experience. The through the corporate collaboration I have received valuable contacts with a number of large companies and organisations. Negotiating skills have been put to test many times, but through it I've got the great potential to develop. Corporate Collaboration is very independent, but the results of the work can be seen in a very concrete way. There is tremendous potential in Corporate Collaboration, so you can move pretty freely. "


"The year in the board of TYY has been brilliant. My areas of responsibility have been social affairs (especially welfare and health), student culture and sports. Well-being and health are topics of importance to myself and I am already familiar with them through my studies, but during the past year I learned more, gained new perspectives and all in all got a better idea of the whole field of social affairs. During the year, I have worked with a number of different shareholders and got to network with local welfare actors, such as the well-being working group of the university, Finnish Student Health Services and with the representatives of the Campus Sport.

As the responsible for cultural affairs, I have been able to organise Student Union tradition events such as May Day, the official opening of the academic year and the Annual Ball. I've been able to develop Student Union events towards even better, and one of the biggest project this year has been the event's brand renewal. All in all, the year in the Student Union Board has taught me tremendously and I have been able to attend events which I would never have thought of visiting. I have learned new things about meeting procedures, training, and recruitment. And the icing on the cake, I got to meet awesome TYY people.


"There has been a lot going on in TYY's board, as well as lots of new learning. Also, it has been important to understand that working as a board member for academic affairs is also part of a long-lasting influence. The goal of all activities has been making the University of Turku for all students a better place to be and to study, and to support the organisations and support National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) in their work. TYY's Specialist in Academic Affairs has worked together with me.

In practice, as the board’s academic affairs responsible person I have been taking part for numerous meetings, got to travel a bit and I have been influencing through statements. Although the University has had a relatively peaceful year, I still get acquainted with a large bundle of paper, ranging from University of Turku Regulation on Studies to ministries’ draft law amendments.

At the beginning of my year, my responsibilities also included internationality and, in particular, the dimensions of academic affairs. We have met on a number of occasions with the Specialist in International Affairs at the Center for Language and Communication Studies, and the best thing to notice has been that students have been warmly welcomed.


"The year has been versatile and interesting. On behalf of social affairs this year, one of the most important things has been commenting on the new Finnish Student Health Service Act and influencing its outcomes. In addition, the year has consisted of students' representation in various working groups, preparation, and holding of pieces of training, as well as various statements. I have also done co-operation in equality issues and improved the issues that came up in the accessibility survey.

Work has been flexible and I have a lot of influence on how much and when I do things, but sometimes there are of course days that have become long and required energy. The second part of my field of work, Municipal Affairs, has taken me to new places and meetings. We have a group 40,000 who contributed this year to the planning of the tramway, but also to public transport and student wellbeing. In addition, this year, for the first time in Turku, the Europe Forum was organised in which I was able to represent Turku students. We are also preparing for next year's elections, and we plan for the end of the year students' own election influencing."


"Internationalism is part of everything, which makes the area particularly interesting. This year's major theme has been to find out obstacles to the student exchange by making a survey in spring. In addition, we have put more effort in English communication, encouraged international students to learn Finnish and followed the impacts of tuition fees on international Master's Programmes.

In Development Cooperation I have been able to plan SYL’s and other student unions joint project in Guatemala. It has been interesting to consider what kind of cooperation we could do with Maya students in both countries. I see the Student Union's development cooperation and environmental issues as a part of sustainable development. In the environment sector, I have contributed to obtaining Fairtrade University title for our university and contributed to the increase of recycling points.

This year I have also chaired the Grant Committee. We improved, for example, the transparency as the scoring criteria are now more visible for the applicants. It was great to make changes together with a motivated committee. The most rewarding has been working together with students from different fields. "