In the Executive Board you make the University of Turku a better place to study

TYY Executive Board is a student’s voice. In the Executive Board you can influence the learning environment of the University of Turku and build our common student culture. In the Board you work regularly with the university's administration and other key stakeholders to make the University of Turku a better place to study. The Executive Board has a prominent role in the organisation field. Being in the Board has opened up many opportunities in different kinds of jobs.

Board members are paid a monthly remuneration to allow full-time focus. There is no official working hours, hence the agreed meetings, tasks and events are carried out in the way that is best for the board. Below example weeks from two board members.


Board work requires good negotiating skills, organisational skills and capability to cope with stress. The board has always members with a wide range of views. The board members must compromise and get along with different kinds of people. Board term is for one year and the new board starts at the beginning of the year.

Are you interested in working in TYY's Board?

TYY's Board members will be elected in the Student Union Council’s organisational meeting on Tuesday 28 November 2017. Propositions for the composition of the board come from the council groups. Get in contact with your own council group and express them your interest in working for a better university community.

Check out Student Union Council Groups

Check out Student Union Council Election's Electoral Coalitions

Please note that there may be a changes in the electoral groups depending on the results of the Council Elections and the organisational meeting. The results of the elections are published on TYY’s website.

Your application should be max. A4 page with the following information:

  • Basic information (name, major subject)
  • Introduce yourself and tell why you apply to TYY's board.
  • What kind of issues would you like to particularly work with?
  • Tell us about your previous experience
  • A picture of yourself

The application deadline ends on Friday 17 November. TYY publishes information about the candidates nominated by the groups if they have been submitted them to the TYY’s Communications Officer by 17 November at 23:59.

Individual interviewers will be held on 21 November and the public candidate panel on 23 November. If the interview is not possible for the candidate on 21 November, the candidate will be interviewed on 20 November.

Training of the new board

It is recommended that those who are interested in the board should get familiar with certain documents that guide the Student Union's activities in advance. Important documents include at least the Student Union Strategy, Action Plan, Political Agenda, Financial Strategy and Budget. You can also get familiar with TYY's current board. It is also advisable to contact the board members (contact information here) and the employees (contact information here) and ask about current issues and useful material.

The training of the elected board will begin shortly after the election. Please note that you should book most of the working days on from 30 November until 15 December. The aim is to give the elected board an overview of the activities of the Student Union and provide a basis for the division of labor. In January, we will explore different themes further. Below is a preliminary timetable for December introductions.



"The year as a Chair of the Board has been a rewarding experience. I have learned an enormous amount about myself but also taken a huge leap forward as a leader and colleague. In very few workplaces such a young person can get this much responsibility to develop and lead the organisation.
I was responsible of the Board's activities, planned, facilitated and listened - sought to make the work community as a good as possible for everyone and worked for students’ best. The best thing has been supporting and seeing the growth of the fellow board members."


"My year has consisted mainly of three issues: University meetings, education policy and meeting of stakeholders. The Ministry of Education and Culture's proposals have become familiar.

The goal of all activities has been making the University of Turku a better place to be and study and to support the subject and faculty organisations and the National Union of University Students in Finland. TYY's Specialist in Education Affairs has supported me in all the projects. In addition to education policy and training I have also served as a Vice-Chair: helped Chair in writing speeches and planning of various workshops."


"Internationality is central in all of our activities, from education policy to social policy and cultural events. This year, our major themes have been monitoring the impact of the tuition fees and promoting Finnish language’s importance to the international students. Among the other issues, I participated in the planning of the Finnish language campaign and wrote a column in Turku Student Magazine.

Furthermore, I have discussed about disadvantages of tuition fees with American researchers and participated in the planning of language studies. The tasks have varied a lot and they have become a pleasant entity."


"I have been exploring extensively the organisations of the Student Union and their actives. The activities of organisations is very important for students' well-being and university experience, so training and supporting organisations has been very rewarding. Organisations are also strongly associated with many other areas of responsibility.

During the year I have been holding Council of Chairs, as well as other trainings for organisations. The Council looks at top-level issues for the Student Union and organisations. In addition, we have organised trainings for the chairs on various important topics. I also act as a Chair of the Student Activity Funding Committee, which decides on the distribution of TYY’s activity supports. Working with the organisations is interesting and one can develop new projects freely!"


"My responsibilities during the past year have been diverse. At the beginning of the year, the most time I spent in making the Student Union’s Municipal Election campaign. Together with all the student unions of Turku (the Group 40,000) the purpose was to inspire students to run as candidates, vote in the elections and influence the parties' municipal policy programmes. After the elections, we continued lobbying, for example by meeting with the councils and young delegates.

2017 was quite turbulent for student livelihood. In the spring, we made active lobbying about student’s financial aid and continued later on with battling against weakening of the housing aid. An all-year project was the creation of the Equality Guide for the Student Union organisations.

In the side of development cooperation, we organised Sustainable Development themed week that aimed to increase students' knowledge of sustainable development. In all activities, TYY's own Development Cooperation Wing was a valuable support. I contributed to the development of our visual identity by planning and branding the #edunvalvonnanarki campaign."


"My year started with information flow. There were many introductions and lots of information. By March I realised how everything I had learned was connected. My responsibilities include student health and well-being and student housing. In addition I have worked with students’ working life and sport issues.

The year has been extremely instructive and I have been given a comprehensive idea of student lobbying. Legal statements, blog posts, preparation for meetings, student events and presentations have filled my calendar effectively this year."


"Scope of the activities has been very versatile and colorful. I carried out in cooperation with the event producers Student Union’s traditions, such as Vappu, the Opening Week and annual festivities and I was in connection with various culture actives. I've been able to work with many different stakeholders and partners as well as network with cultural actives. As culture responsible one can have pretty free hands in developing our student culture. Work has been very hectic at some points, long days have become familiar, but at the same time it has also been extremely fun and rewarding and really educational.

I managed to leave my own touch on events that will be remembered for years to come. This year TYY celebrates its 95th anniversary and this has brought its own addition to traditional events. Next year is likely to be easier, releasing time to develop cultural events and giving room for your own ideas."