In the Student Union’s Executive Board you are making better student life

TYY’s Executive Board is the voice of the students. As a member of the board, you can influence the studying conditions of the University of Turku and contribute to the student culture.

As a member of the Executive Board you will work together with the University of Turku and other important stakeholders. Working in the board gives you excellent working experience.

The members of the board will get a monthly payment. The work consists of flexible office work, meetings and representation which are often in the evenings and weekends as well.

Working as a member of the board requires good negotiation skills and the ability to resist stress. Sufficient knowledge of Finnish is also required. The board has always had members with diverse points of view, thus the members must have the ability to compromise and cooperate. The board’s period is a calendar year.

Are you interested?

The Student Union Council decides the new Executive Board on its meeting on Thursday 3 December. The suggestions of the members for the new Executive Board come from the Student Union Council parties.

If you are interested in working as a member of the board, please contact the Student Union Council party that could suggest you as a new member for the Executive Board.

Check the contact information of the Student Union Council parties

(plese scroll down to "The Student Union Council parties contact information")

Check the autumn’s electoral coalitions on the Council Election website

(on the page  you can find information about coalitions and contact information of each coalitions council elections coordinator)

When applying, please add maximum of one A4 page application letter with the following information:

  • Personal details (name, major).
  • Tell who you are and why are you applying.
  • What kinds of issues are you interested in working with?
  • Tell about your relevant working/ organisational experience.
  • Add a photo of yourself.

The application period ends on Tuesday 24 November. TYY will publish the applicants that Student Union Council parties have announced to TYY’s Communication Officer by 26 November at 23.59. The applicants will be called to interviews that will be held at the beginning of week 49.