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Executive Board

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The job of the Executive Board is to manage the daily affairs of the Student Union and be responsible for the implementation of the procedure of the TYY's plan of action. The Executive Board outwardly represents the Student Union, oversees the management of the Student Union and uses general executive power within the limits of the regulations set by the Student Union and the decisions set by the Student Union Council. The Executive Board is accountable for its actions under the oversight of the Student Union Council.

There is a Chair as well as six other Executive Board members, each of which has his or her own area of responsibility. These areas of responsibility belong to several sectors of activity: academic, social and international affairs, sub-organisations, traditions, well-being, development cooperation, equality, PR, city relations and tutoring. Academic, social and international affairs and sub-organisations are the so-called main areas of responsibility and the rest is divided amongst the Executive Board members as a second or third job. Each member usually has more than one sector to take care of.

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Sini Saarinen
045 3205125

The Chair is responsible for the actions of the entire Executive Board. His job is to see to it that the Executive Board is operational. Furthermore, the Chair outwardly represents the Executive Board, gives the most important addresses at TYY and manages public relations with cooperative bodies such as the University of Turku and other student unions.

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Jeremi Nyyssönen,
Other areas of responsibility:
Student Traditions

The Executive Board Vice-Chair works with the Chair. He will serve as acting Chair in cases when she is absent or unavailable.

The Executive Board member for student traditions is responsible for organising Student Union traditions with others at TYY. Long-standing TYY traditions are, for example, Shrovetide, Vappu (First of May) events, Porthan Day, anniversaries and the Independence Day torch procession.

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Academic Affairs

Johanna Pohjonen
Other areas of responsibility:
Work Life

The job description of the Executive Board member for academic affairs includes study and academic affairs and degree issues, education and its development, students’ legal rights and also student representation in the University Board. In addition, he follows up on the national and international development concerning universities such as the debate on tuition fees, funding of universities or the position of polytechnics in the education system.

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Social Affairs

Otto Elomäki
Other areas of responsibility:
Municipal Affairs

The work of the Executive Board member for Social Affairs includes issues on health, housing, livelihood and well-being. He also follows up on the national discussions on, for example, the State financial aid system, student housing production or students’ mental health problems.

The Executive Board member for Municipal Affairs fosters the relations to City of Turku's decision-makers and officials. He also participates in the cooperation of all higher education students of Turku by attending the meetings of Group 40 000. He advances the interests of students in a city where a major deal of the inhabitants study in universities or universities of applied sciences.

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International Affairs

Sofia Engblom,
Other areas of responsibility:

The job of the Executive Board member for International Affairs include multiculturalism, student exchange and intercultural encounter. She also follows up on the latest decisions concerning local and international students at both the University of Turku and inside and outside the borders of Finland.

The Executive Board member for Volunteers works as a link between the voluntary groups of TYY,  the Wings and Kinokopla, and the office. She visits the meetings of the groups and assists them in developing their activities. She also works as the Executive Board member for  Development Cooperation and Environmental Affairs.

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Sub Organisations

Risto Jokinen
Other areas of responsibility:
Academic Affairs

The board member responsible of the sub organisations improves the operating conditions of the sub organisations of TYY. 

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Corporate Collaboration

Ville Keränen
Other areas of responsibility:
Sports and Association Allowances

The board member responsible of Corporate Collaboration acquires and developes new co-operation agreements and membership benefits, and is in charge of managing existing agreements.

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Chair Sini Saarinen, puh. 045 3205125
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