The job of the Executive Board is to manage the daily affairs of the Student Union and be responsible for the implementation of the procedure of the TYY's plan of action. The Executive Board outwardly represents the Student Union, oversees the management of the Student Union and uses general executive power within the limits of the regulations set by the Student Union and the decisions set by the Student Union Council. The Executive Board is accountable for its actions under the oversight of the Student Union Council.

There is a Chair as well as six other Executive Board members, each of which has his or her own area of responsibility. These areas of responsibility belong to several sectors of activity: academic, social and international affairs, sub-organisations, traditions, well-being, development cooperation, equality, PR, city relations and tutoring. Academic, social and international affairs and sub-organisations are the so-called main areas of responsibility and the rest is divided amongst the Executive Board members as a second or third job. Each member usually has more than one sector to take care of.