The official Student Union documents steering the activities of TYY that are approved by the Student Union Council can be found here in English.

The most wide-ranging of these documents is the strategy, which defines e.g. the basic mission of TYY, our ideals, values and success factors.

TYY’s political lines are defined in an agenda which is revised once during each term of the Student Union Council. The political agenda serves as the basis for the preparation of statements and for the promotion of student interests in different sectors of TYY.

Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Annual Report and Financial Statement 2015


Budget 2020

Budget 2017

Budget 2016

Plans of Action

Plan of Action and Target Programme 2021–2023

Plan of Action and Target Programme 2020–2022

TYY Plan of Action and Target Programme 2018–2020

Plan of Action 2017

Plan of Action 2016


Equality Programme 2021-2024

Environmental Programme

Municipal Affairs Programme

Rules, Strategies and Instructions

The Rules of the Student Union

Administrative rules of the Student Union


Financial Strategy

Political Agenda

Regulation on organisations and financial support

Election rules

Instructions on activities and election of Wings

Regulation of the Student Union of the University of Turku on the Election of Student Representatives

The lines of TYY's company cooperation

Plan of 0.7 funds for 2021

TYY Internationalisation Instructions

TYY’s three-year plan

TYY’s three-year plan for 2017–2019