Porthan Day Parade


Welcome to Porthan Day Parade!

Henrik Gabriel Porthan was a well-known and appreciated scholar of humanistic studies in the 18th century Finland. His great importance to Finnish cultural history is still acknowledged. Due to his heritage, Porthan Day on 9 November was also chosen as an official anniversary day of The Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY). It has been celebrated by TYY since 1922. Porthan Day celebration includes a parade, choir singing and wreath laying at the Porthan Statue.

We wish great attendance in this event that has been a tradition since the beginning of TYY in 1922!

The parade starts at 16.15 from Student House A. The parade makes a stop at H.G. Porthan’s grave in Tuomiokirkontori on the way to the Porthan statue in the Old Great Square.

Exceptionally, this year the parade continues after the ceremony in the Porthan statue to Turku City Hall, where the Student Union Council’s celebratory meeting takes place at 18.15. The parade will walk across the library bridge that the Turku city will light in TYY’s blue color in honor of our 100th anniversary.

Participants must come to the event early so the parade can start on time. Dress code for participants is preferably tidy, dark colored clothes/clothes that are suitable for the weather.


  • 16.15 Organisation of the parade in front of the Student House A
  • 16.30 Departure
  • 16.45 Programme at the Porthan grave
  • 17.00 Programme at the Porthan Statue
  • 17.15 Parade continues to the Turku City Hall
  • 17.30 Programme ends
  • 17.30–18.00 Arrival and free mingling at the City Hall
  • 18.00-18.15 Moving to the Valtuustosali
  • 18.15–20.00 Meeting in the Valtuustosali


Welcome to the Parade!

For questions and concerns, contact TYY's Event Coordinator: tyy-tapahtumatuottaja@utu.fi