Newsletter 8/2022

In this newsletter: 

  • TYY celebrates 100th anniversary and renewed its visual identity
  • TYY expresses support for Ukrainian students
  • Opening party of the Century: TYYlikäs SATANEN
  • All events are allowed again and TYY will move to green time
  • TYY is looking for Chair of Development Cooperation Wing for 2022
  • Finnish universities express support for Ukraine
  • Become a student tutor! 
  • CampusSport’s sports tutors will help you to get started
  • Student Barometer 2022 is now open!
  • University Talks: International Programme and Students
  • University news
  • Events

TYY celebrates 100th anniversary and renewed its visual identity

The Student Union of the University of Turku, TYY, is among the oldest student unions in Finland. Founded in 1922, TYY has been taking a stand for the students for 100 years. There is a student union (ylioppilaskunta) in each Finnish university. In honor of the anniversary, TYY's new visual identity and new logo were released on 18 February. The visual identity was designed to respect TYY's traditional wing torch (siipisoihtu), and parts from previous logos have been used as a basis. The new visual identity was created by Piia Hottinen from Taiga Oy.

You can read TYY's new graphic instructions (in Finnish) here.

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TYY expresses support for Ukrainian students

Yesterday we woke up to shocking news from Ukraine. TYY condemns Russia's attack on Ukraine. TYY discusses with the university and SYL about the situation and is considering possible forms of support for students who are closely affected by the crisis.

However, in the midst of a crisis that closely affects us, we must remember that the conflict does not justify Russian hatred. TYY does not accept any kind of racism in the university community and especially now in the midst of the crisis we should focus on strengthening our community instead of hatred.

It is normal for the current world situation to cause concern and anxiety. However, you don’t have to be left alone with these feelings. For example, Mieli ry provides discussion assistance. 


Opening party of the Century: TYYlikäs SATANEN

Thursday 31 March we are celebrating the opening of the Anniversary on University Hill (Yliopistonmäki). The event is organised together with TYY's organisations and the University of Turku, and all students, alumni, university’s faculty and citizens of Turku are welcome.

“The anniversary year will be kicked off with a carnival-like festival. As usual, you can get to know the organisations, and there will be a live music and more on the main stage. The after party brings us all together in Night Club Marilyn and Vegas. You don’t want to miss this party”, describes Juho Pitkäranta, TYY's Board member responsible of Student Culture.

We will reveal the main performer later, but a great show is guaranteed. You’ll hear more about the event next week, but now it’s time to mark the date on your calendar already.

When: 31 March 5 pm
Where: University Hill (Yliopistonmäki)

All events are allowed again and TYY will move to green time

By decision of the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southwest Finland, public events and general meetings may in the future also be held indoors without a limit on the number of participants. TYY's organisations may also organise events without restrictions on TYY's premises from 15 February.

However, we would like to remind organisations that indoor and outdoor events must continue to be organised in such a way that the risk of infection from close contact is minimised. This obligation can be fulfilled, for example, by limiting the number of participants or the movement of participants in the space, by placing the participants' seats more loosely, by requiring the use of a face mask or by improving ventilation, and by ensuring hand hygiene.

Decision of the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southwest Finland is valid in the municipalities of Southwest Finland and Satakunta from 15 February to 28 February.

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TYY is looking for Chair of Development Cooperation Wing for 2022

The Student Union of the University of Turku is looking for Chair for the Development Cooperation Wing, one of TYY’s four volunteer action groups, also known as Wings. The operation of Wings is independent and flexible allowing it to reflect freely the ideas and wishes of its members. 

The application period starts on 18 February 2022 and ends on 4 May 2022 at 12:00. Applications are sent via TYY website form.

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Finnish universities express support for Ukraine

Finnish universities UNIFI expresses support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian university students and staff. We condemn Russia’s military action in Ukraine.Our universities are international and multicultural communities. Universities support their students and staff and support in the crisis. Each university is informing their own students and staff.

Finnish universities have research and education co-operation as well as student exchange activities with Ukrainian universities. Finnish universities, together with Scholars at Risk (SAR) Finland, are investigating the possibilities for hosting Ukrainian students and researchers to the Finnish universities. Considering the students and staff from the Finnish universities, there are currently no students or staff in Ukraine to our knowledge.

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Become a student tutor! 

Tutoring new international degree students gives you a chance to meet new friends from all over the world and improve your language skills and team management skills. Tutors are rewarded with valuable experience, some credits, and also financial compensation. The tutor doesn't need to be familiar with the study programme of the new student.  

Application period for student tutoring is 1.–28.2.2022. Tutors will help the new international degree students with starting the academic year 2022–2023. Tutoring starts already in April 2022 as online tutoring. 

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CampusSport’s sports tutors will help you to get started

Come ice skating to the skating route “luistelumato” in Kupittaa with CampusSport’s sports tutors on Wednesday 2 March 2022! We will meet in front of Turku cathedral at 4.30 pm and walk together to Kupittaa. You can also meet us at the “luistelumato” (next to the sports hall, Tahkonkuja 5). We will  meet at the rental building. If needed, you can rent skates (3€ for students).

Would you like to have some company while you exercise? Contact the sports tutors and get a sports buddy who will present different exercise possibilities and help you find your own sport – or can just join you for a nice walk. Sports buddy service is aimed at the students and staff members of the universities in Turku and is free of charge. Contact the sports tutors via email:

Student Barometer 2022 is now open!

The survey is aimed at all students in higher education. Take part, and make a difference! → 
Student Barometer is used in work to develop student wellbeing, student activities, the quality of teaching, higher education internships, studies and reports on working life and living, and educational institutions, among other things. Student Barometer is conducted by the Research Foundation for Studies and Education Otus.

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University Talks: International Programme and Students

on 28 February 2022 15.15–16.00

Participation link:

Welcome to discuss the international programme of the University of Turku: what should students know about the brand new Internationalisation Programme? 

The University Talks event is an open online meeting that does not require registration. The internationalisation of students will be discussed on Monday 28 February from 15.15 to 16.00 at Zoom.

The event will be hosted by International Liaison Officer Satu Nurmi and coordinator Ameya Münzner from the Partnerships and Strategic Engagement unit and the Student Union's Executive Board member Tuomas Alm, responsible for International Affairs.

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University news:

► Apply for a Grant For Student Projects by 28 February!

► The University Chaplain offers counselling for all international students, doctoral candidates and personnel

► University Talks on 8 March: Towards anti-racism understanding and self-reflection


28.2. University Talks: Internationalisation Programme and Students

28.2. Lindy Hop Beginners

28.2. West Coast Swing Beginners

3.3. Post exchange orientation

3.3. Argentine Tango Beginners

► See all events from TYY's events calendar

When attending to an event remember the hygiene instructions and safe distances. Wear a facemask if needed. Never attend to an event if you are sick.

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