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Newsletter 38/2021

In this newsletter: 

  • Sustainable Development week
  • Student Union Council Elections 2021
  •  Apply for Student Representative Positions!
  • TYY grants marks of honour on its anniversary
  • We are making changes to our mailing lists
  • CampusSport’s competitions
  • University news
  • Events

Sustainable Development week

Monday 4.10. 11.00 Opening coffees on campus and Instagram-Live
Fairtrade delicacies and interviews to support responsible purchasing decisions

Tuesday 5.10. 14.00 Ethical and ecological problems in the clothing industry workshop in Turku Hall

Wednesday 6.10. 13.30 Online excursion to Glope Hope and the Prime Minister's Office in Zoom

Thursday 7.10. 18.00 On the trail of an ethical laptop film screening and discussion event remotely

Friday 8.10. 12.00 How to be a more responsible consumer? seminar in Zoom

The speakers: Heidi Hautala, Markus Terho, Minna Autio and Julia Thurén
Facebook: kekeviikkoTYY
Instagram: @studentuniontyy

Student Union Council Elections 2021

In the elections for the Student Union Council on 27 October – 3 November 2021, 41 representatives will be chosen among the eligible members of the TYY to the Council of the Student Union of the University of Turku.

The new Student Union Council will start its two-year term in January 2022. The Council is the highest decision-making authority in the Student Union. It decides on what the Student Union will do in each of the two years while in office. It uses this power by determining how much money will be used and for what purposes.

In other words, the Student Union Council approves the annual budget and decides what the Student Union will focus on during the council's term. During the year, the Student Union Council usually convenes once a month (excluding summer months).

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 Apply for Student Representative Positions!

► Search Announcement: Student Members for the Faculty Councils

► Search Announcement: Student Members for the University Collegiate Council

► Search Announcement: Student Representatives for the Board of the University

► TYY seeks a deputy member for the Academic Appeals Board of the University of Turku for a term ending 31 Dec 2022

TYY grants marks of honour on its anniversary

On its anniversary on Tuesday, 9 Nov 2021, the Student Union of the University of Turku will grant marks of honour and recognition. TYY honour committee is seeking proposals from organisations concerning people who have actively participated in the activities of the Student Union or organisations or are otherwise close to the Student Union. Please submit your proposal before 30 Sep 11:59 P.M.

Please write your reasons for the proposal in short. If you wish to make several proposals, you can always fill out another form.

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We are making changes to our mailing lists

Did you get this newsletter via tyy-exchangestudents or tyy-degreestudents mailing list? We are closing down both lists and use the mailing list tyy-international for now on. If you are not sure which list you are on, you can see the name of the list in this email’s title field.

If you are not yet on the tyy-international mailing list, you can join that list from this link. After September we will send TYY’s newsletter only to that list.

tyy-international is a general mailing list for all the international students who study at the University of Turku. Through this list, we keep you up to date on current issues that concern students, inform you about the events at the campus and in Turku in general and also distribute information about for example job offers or internships, language studies, culture and sports opportunities.

Join TYY International mailing list here

CampusSport’s competitions

Did you know that CampusSport organizes several tournaments and competitions during the academic year? The next competitions coming up are

disc golf, padel and bubble football. There is a separate fee for each tournament and also those who haven’t paid CampusSport’s sports fee can participate. Anyone can put a team together, as long as you are a student or a staff member in one of the universities in Turku.

More information on CampusSport’s website:

University news:

► The University of Turku offers an internship subsidy to all undergraduate students

► Tickets to Turku Book Fair for Discounted Prices Available for Staff and Students in Turku Fair Center Online Store

► University of Pavia Offers UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Courses Also to the Students of University of Turku

► Questions about job search or career planning? Career Services' chat helps!

► Pop up Vaccinations for Students Continued

► University’s Coronavirus Restrictions Will Be Eased in October

► Exit Plan for Coronavirus Situation Updated on Intranet

► The University mentoring programmes will start again in January - call for applications in September 2021!

► Apply for the Career Coaching Coffee Online!


► See all events from TYY's events calendar

When attending to an event remember the hygiene instructions and safe distances. Wear a facemask if needed. Never attend to an event if you are sick.

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