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Newsletter 50/2020

Updated corona guidelines have been published

TYY's corona guidelines consist of:

  • Trafficlight model on what instructions are being followed at the moment (red/yeallow/green)
  • An instruction on how to organise and attend in events safely (these must be followed at all times)

TYY's guidelines are based on:

  • Discussion with the health authorities of campus cities
  • The guidelines of the hospital district and regulations of regional state administrative agency

We have categorised different situations with color codes. Currently, the red time guidelines will be followed. 

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The effects of the Covid-19 situation on studying and the student union

The infectious disease situation has aggravated, and as a result there are now new recommendations and restrictions. From the link below you will find the most important restrictions that concern the students.

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Exchange students: remember to return your starting package

The package should be returned to the starting package storage during the opening hours. It is possible to have a friend or your tutor return your package if you can't make it yourself during the hours. If you send a friend, please make sure you have made arrangments for the refund! If your refund will come as a bank transfer, make sure you have given the storage your IBAN and SWIFT/BIC code.

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Exchange students: what to do before going home?

Dear Exchange Students, Time has passed quickly and it is soon time to say good-bye. We would like to remind you of some important matters to take care of before you leave. 

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There's no room for harassment in student culture

There has been conversation on social media about experiences of harassment and inappropriate behaviour in student culture. The conversation has focused mostly on teekkari culture (the culture of students in engineering), but students from many different fields have come out with their own experiences.

TYY and Teekkarikomissio state that there is no room for harassment, bullying or inappropriate activities in student culture or teekkari culture, and these issues should not be ignored. Teekkarikomissio is the umbrella organisation of all teekkari-organisations in Turku, you can read their statement on the topic here:

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CampusSport’s functions shut down between 3 Dec and 23 Dec – online classes available

CampusSport’s functions are temporarily shut down between 3 Dec and 23 Dec 2020 based on the recommendation of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland. Individual services (massage, nutritional counseling, personal trainer services) are still available.

CampusSport offers online classes for those who have paid the sports fee. Classes take place this week (week 50). More information and the schedule:

University news:

► Apply for exchange for academic year 2021-2022!

► University of Turku Launches New Student and Study Data System in August 2021 

► University of Turku Updates Instructions on Coronavirus Situation

► CampusSport’s functions shut down 3 Dec – 23 Dec

► Libraries closed 7.12. onwards - Collection points for reservations opens 10.12.2020

► Use of IT classrooms restricted - digital tools recommended for all group work

► Zoom maintenance and update 6.12.-7.12.

► Lack of communality manifests as feelings of loneliness in the results of a survey on well-being during remote working  and studying


► Order the University's Anniversary Products as Gifts this Holiday Season

► Professor Jaakko Järvi Appointed as Dean of Faculty of Technology

► See all events from TYY's events calendar

When attending to an event remember the hygiene instructions and safe distances. Wear a facemask if needed. Never attend to an event if you are sick.

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