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Newsletter 46/2020

Welcome to celebrate TYY’s 98th birthday at your home!

This year, the Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) celebrates it's 98th birthday online. Virtual gala will be held on 14 November. The celebration includes speeches, performances and awards in different categories.

The event will begin on TYY’s Youtube channel (Student Union TYY) on Saturday 14.11. at 18:00.

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In TYY Executive Board you make the University of Turku a better place to study

The Board is responsible for implementing the Plan of Action, representing the Student Union externally, and exercising general executive authority within the limits and regulations of the Student Union Council. Board members are also responsible for different sectors. These sectors include i.e. academic affairs, social affairs, international affairs, organisational affairs, student culture, sports, corporate collaboration, development cooperation, environment, communication and municipality affairs. Board work consists flexibly of day and evening activities. Board members are paid a monthly remuneration of approximately EUR 860, which is intended to enable the members to concentrate fully on board work. 

Are you interested in working in TYY's Board?

Proposals for the composition of the Board come from the Council Groups. So get in touch with your Council Group and tell them about your interest in working for a better Student Union and the university community. The work of the Board will last for one year, and the new Board will take office on 1 January 2021. However, the Board's orientation will start already in 2020.

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TYY is looking for Wing members for spring 2021 and calendar year 2021

Wings are a part of the Student Union and their goal is to make the Student Union a better place for everyone. In the Wings, you have the freedom to create new free time activities for students and to take care of students’ interests. The Wings are based on four different themes: development cooperation, environment, equality, and internationality. The application period starts on 30 October and ends on 30 November at 23.59.


Group Work Spaces Opened for Students

Group work spaces in different campus buildings have been opened for students of the University of Turku. The facilities can be used in accordance with the opening hours of the Library or the building. Facilities located in the libraries will open on Thursday 12 November, other facilities will be available immediately.

​The group work spaces opened for students are located at Calonia, Educarium, Feeniks Library, Quantum, Teutori, and Turku School of Economics. 

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Multilingual Poetry night in Bar Ö

News | 10.11.2020

November’s TkuÖpenMic: Poetry is nitro under the tongue! 12th November Bar Ö at 7.00 p.m.

Poetry is nitro under the tongue, claims TkuÖpenMic this time, but is not wrong again!

Poets are from Mexico, India, Russia and Finland. With the Säkeenkaari project of the Sivuvalo, three poets with a foreign background based in Finland from the Helsinki Metropolitan area will arrive: Jose Luis Rico Carillo, Polina Kopylova and Vidha Saumya. You can also hear or see Finnish translations of the Poems.

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Updated corona guidelines have been published

These guidelines specify TYY's event instructions for organisations and students, made during the autumn as there may be a need to temporarily restrict events more, and on the other hand, events can be organised more freely in between. TYY is in constant contact with the authorities and we inform students and organisations about what guidelines will be followed. In addition to these guidelines, we provide guidelines for students to participate in the events and for organisations information package on training the participants.

We have categorised different situations with color codes. Currently, the yellow time guidelines will be followed.

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CampusSport’s walking tour 24 Nov

CampusSport’s sports tutors organize a walking tour on Tue 24 Nov, starting at 5pm. The tour is based on the city of Turku’s cultural exercise route called Amazing Turku - Explore the mysteries of Turku. The length of the route is 5 km and the tour will last for approximately 1,5 hours. The event is free for everyone, you don’t have to pay the sports fee in order to participate. No need to enroll in advance. During the tour we will take the current corona situation into consideration and take care of the safety distances.

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When attending to an event remember the hygiene instructions and safe distances. Wear a facemask if needed. Never attend to an event if you are sick.

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