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Newsletter 44/2020

TYY presents: Fill out a satisfaction survey for NEW international students and win cinema tickets!

Dear NEW international student, The Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) has prepared a survey to better understand the experiences of new international students after reaching Finland in autumn 2020. Emphasis is also put on TYY’s presence in different events and social media, as well as TYY’s organisations.

The survey is open from 7 October to 1 November and it will take about 10-15 minutes to fill it.  The survey answers are anonymous. You can read more about TYY’s privacy policy here.

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In TYY Executive Board you make the University of Turku a better place to study

The Board is responsible for implementing the Plan of Action, representing the Student Union externally, and exercising general executive authority within the limits and regulations of the Student Union Council. Board members are also responsible for different sectors. These sectors include i.e. academic affairs, social affairs, international affairs, organisational affairs, student culture, sports, corporate collaboration, development cooperation, environment, communication and municipality affairs. Board work consists flexibly of day and evening activities. Board members are paid a monthly remuneration of approximately EUR 860, which is intended to enable the members to concentrate fully on board work. 

Are you interested in working in TYY's Board?

Proposals for the composition of the Board come from the Council Groups. So get in touch with your Council Group and tell them about your interest in working for a better Student Union and the university community. The work of the Board will last for one year, and the new Board will take office on 1 January 2021. However, the Board's orientation will start already in 2020.

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Spring Semester Organised Mainly as Remote Teaching

Remote teaching and studying continue at the University of Turku also throughout the spring semester 2021 to ensure safety. TYY has been influencing the guidelines for teaching at the University of Turku during the spring semester. Because of us, these guidelines are not the same as in the autumn semester. There is going to be more contact teaching for students and the quality of teaching can't decrease in the spring semester.

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TYY is looking for Wing members for spring 2021 and calendar year 2021

Wings are a part of the Student Union and their goal is to make the Student Union a better place for everyone. In the Wings, you have the freedom to create new free time activities for students and to take care of students’ interests. The Wings are based on four different themes: development cooperation, environment, equality, and internationality. The application period starts on 30 October and ends on 30 November at 23.59.


Students' municipal affairs programme themes

Municipal elections are coming and a Group 40,000 has published students' municipal affairs programme themes. In this video, we tell you a few examples of our goals.
The program consists of three main themes:
1. Turku becomes a sustainable city with ambitious transport solutions
2. Students as part of the living city
3. Investments in well-being and healthcare create the best student city in Finland
► Find out more about the themes on the Group 40,000 website!

Updated corona guidelines have been published

These guidelines specify TYY's event instructions for organisations and students, made during the autumn as there may be a need to temporarily restrict events more, and on the other hand, events can be organised more freely in between. TYY is in constant contact with the authorities and we inform students and organisations about what guidelines will be followed. In addition to these guidelines, we provide guidelines for students to participate in the events and for organisations information package on training the participants.

We have categorised different situations with color codes. Currently, the yellow time guidelines will be followed.

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► Health Officials Urge Student Organisations to Restrict the Organisation of Events

► Exposures to Coronavirus Investigated in University Community

Welcome to celebrate TYY’s 98th birthday at your home!

This year, the Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) celebrates it's 98th birthday online. Virtual gala will be held on 14 November. The celebration includes speeches, performances and awards in different categories.

The event will begin on TYY’s Youtube channel (Student Union TYY) on Saturday 14.11. at 18:00.

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Nominate winners of the awards for TYY98 Online

This year, the Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) celebrates it's 98th birthday online. Virtual gala will be held on 14 November. The celebration includes i.e. speeches and awards in different categories. The descriptions for various awards can be found from the link below.

Nominations for these awards are now open. Nominate your friends or organisations who you think would deserve the proposed award. Please submit your proposals before 1 November 23:59. Proposals can be submitted via a form which can be found below. 

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Porthan Day - TYY's official anniversary

Henrik Gabriel Porthan was a well-known and appreciated scholar of humanistic studies in the 18th century Finland. His great importance to Finnish cultural history is still acknowledged. Due to his heritage, Porthan Day on 9 November was also chosen as an official anniversary day of The Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY). It has been celebrated by TYY since 1922.

Porthan Day celebration includes a parade, choir singing and wreath-laying at the Porthan Statue. The parade starts from Student house A at 16:00.

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Study and Stay in Turku 2020: Diverse career stories and tips for career in Finland!

The speakers of Study and Stay in Turku 2020 have now been announced! With compelling career stories, gripping keynote speeches and alumni panel discussion, this career event will give you insight on the possibilities Turku and Finland have to offer for international talents. Study and Stay in Turku is a career event for all international students in the Turku area, and it will be held online on Monday 2 November at 16.30-18.00.

Check the programme and register for free here:

Åbot: The City of Turku’s coronavirus advice bot

The City of Turku is launching an artificial intelligence-based advice bot for spreading awareness of coronavirus guidelines. Named Åbot, the purpose of the advice bot is to ensure that the City of Turku’s current coronavirus guidelines is accessible in all of the most notable languages used in Turku.  

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University news:

► Recommendation on Using Face Masks Extended to All Campuses

► University email system upgraded to newer version

► University of Turku Has a Psychosocial Support Group for Crisis Situations

► Discussion on Establishing the Faculty of Technology in Kohtauspaikka Live Stream

► Add University Background Image to Teams and Zoom Meetings

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When attending to an event remember the hygiene instructions and safe distances. Wear a facemask if needed. Never attend to an event if you are sick.

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