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Newsletter 42/2020

The decisions about teaching in spring must be made together

The coronavirus situation continues, which puts pressure on deciding about how teaching is organised in spring. In the spring of 2020, quick decisions had to be made without open preparation due to the unknown and new situation. Now that the exceptional situation has been ongoing for six months decisions should not be made without sufficient and open preparation. This kind of preparation has not been done, and there is a threat that the decision to continue to organise teaching in the spring in the same way as in the autumn is made too early and with too light reasoning. The Faculties and the Student Union must be heard when these decisions are made. 

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Welcome to Sustainable Development Week 12–18 October! 

This year, the theme of Sustainable Development Week (Kekevikko) is sustainable consumption. We are currently consuming more than the Earth’s sustainable carrying capacity would allow. In the coming years, it is vital to come up with new ways to consume natural resources that can be involved in evaluating critically their consumption habits. During the week, there are plenty of events where you can have fun learning about sustainable consumption.

Updated corona guidelines have been published

These guidelines specify TYY's event instructions for organisations and students, made during the autumn as there may be a need to temporarily restrict events more, and on the other hand, events can be organised more freely in between. TYY is in constant contact with the authorities and we inform students and organisations about what guidelines will be followed. In addition to these guidelines, we provide guidelines for students to participate in the events and for organisations information package on training the participants.

We have categorised different situations with color codes. Currently, the yellow time guidelines will be followed.

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TYY presents: Fill out a satisfaction survey for NEW international students and win cinema tickets!

The Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) has prepared a survey to better understand the experiences of new international students after reaching Finland in autumn 2020. Emphasis is also put on TYY’s presence in different events and social media, as well as TYY’s organisations.

The survey is open from 7 October to 25 October and it will take about 10-15 minutes to fill it.  The survey answers are anonymous. 

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TYY's 0.7% autumn donations to Nepal and Nigeria

In the spring, the Student Union of the University of Turku decided on 0.7% development cooperation projects for 2020. The Swallows of Finland’s (Pääskyt ry) project in Nepal and FinnWID's project in Nigeria were selected as this year's targets. In the selection of donations, the implementation of the UN Agenda 2030 goals in the project was emphasised. Besides, geographical location and diversity of projects were taken into account. This year, € 2,735.50 has been donated to both projects, half in the spring and half in the autumn. Both associations have sent TYY reports on the projects to date.

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Online well-being workshop for students

The COVID-19 Pandemic has not only restricted the world physically, but it has also put a toll on our mental health. To address this, a team of third-year students from Diaconia University of Applied Sciences have created a weekly online safe space where you as a student can come, interact, and receive practical advice from professionals to promote your mental and physical wellbeing. Do not miss the first session next week on the 21st Oct at 16:00 - 17:00, where we will look at what to do to move towards a meaningful life physically and mentally. 

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Erasmus Days 2020 are here!

This year, the Erasmus Days will take place on 15, 16 and 17 October. The purpose of the event is to spread information on the Erasmus+ Programme and the benefits of mobility, as well as share experiences individuals have gained through the project. To celebrate the event, the International Office at UTU has organized a couple of challenges for you in social media and we hope many of you will take up the challenge!

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Nominate winners of the awards for TYY98 Online

TYY will grant awards for deserving persons and organisations in honor of TYY98 Online -event
This year, the Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) celebrates it's 98th birthday online. Virtual gala will be held on 14 November. The celebration includes i.e. speeches and awards in different categories. The descriptions for various awards can be found from the link below.

Nominations for these awards are now open. Nominate your friends or organisations who you think would deserve the proposed award. Please submit your proposals before 1 November 23:59. Proposals can be submitted via a form which can be found below. 

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Study and Stay in Turku 2020: Diverse career stories and tips for career in Finland!

The speakers of Study and Stay in Turku 2020 have now been announced! With compelling career stories, gripping keynote speeches and alumni panel discussion, this career event will give you insight on the possibilities Turku and Finland have to offer for international talents. Study and Stay in Turku is a career event for all international students in the Turku area, and it will be held online on Monday 2 November at 16.30-18.00.

Check the programme and register for free here:


University of Turku Continues as Fairtrade Higher Education Institution

The Fairtrade association has given the University of Turku permission to continue to use the Fairtrade higher education institution title. The University applied and was made a member of the network in autumn 2018. The title has to be earned annually by showing that the activities are developed continuously. The report for the academic year 2019–2020 showed that progress had been made.

​When accepted as a member of the Fairtrade network, the University of Turku had to fulfill certain prerequisites, according to which approximately half of the faculties and the Student Union had to commit to using Fairtrade coffee and tea.

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Just for fun – free weekly sports class

CampusSport’s sports tutors host a weekly class called Just for fun. In the class the idea is to exercise in good company trying out different sports. The focus is on having fun without competing or comparing. All the students of the universities in Turku are welcome to join the class for free, you don’t need to be a CampusSport member. No advance registration. The class is held starting from Oct 14 at Iskeri sports hall (Rehtorinpellonkatu 4, Turku) on Wednesdays at 17.00-17.50. Welcome!

Yle is looking for non-EU international students for an interview

Hello, Yle is looking for non-EU international students who are interested in voting in the upcoming municipal elections and have registered at DVV. If you're not sure, here are the instructions to check: Go to On the English site, select "Individual" at the top -- -- select registers -- log in with bank credentials. The top option, "DVV" should have your address info. Let us know what city you are in and email us at

University news:

► University Board on 9 October 2020: Expansion of Engineering Education Receives 2.8 Million in Funding for 2021

► Application of the Recommendation on Using Face Masks at the University of Turku

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► Grant For Student Projects – Apply by October 31!

► Take Part in Operational Planning of the Faculty of Technology!

► Hackathon Event: Junction 2020 Connected

► Working Group Currently Prepares the Further Development of the University Central Services

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