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Newsletter 40/2020

Updated corona guidelines have been published

These guidelines specify TYY's event instructions for organisations and students, made during the autumn as there may be a need to temporarily restrict events more, and on the other hand, events can be organised more freely in between. TYY is in constant contact with the authorities and we inform students and organisations about what guidelines will be followed. In addition to these guidelines, we provide guidelines for students to participate in the events and for organisations information package on training the participants.

We have categorised different situations with color codes. Currently, the yellow time guidelines will be followed.

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Welcome to Sustainable Development Week 12–18 October! 

This year, the theme of Sustainable Development Week (Kekevikko) is sustainable consumption. We are currently consuming more than the Earth’s sustainable carrying capacity would allow. In the coming years, it is vital to come up with new ways to consume natural resources that can be involved in evaluating critically their consumption habits. During the week, there are plenty of events where you can have fun learning about sustainable consumption.

The effect of COVID-19 on international students at the University of Turku

During the Spring semester 2020, The Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY), in cooperation with the University's management and Wellbeing Services, conducted a survey on how the COVID-19 pandemic affected student's daily life, study ability and wellbeing. A total number of 1201 students took part in the survey, representing all Faculties and study fields. Altogether 48 answers were received from international students. Both undergraduate and graduate students from all three University campuses (Turku, Rauma, Pori) shared their experiences. In this blog post, we are going to examine the key answers received from international students.

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Apply now to the UTU Ambassador programme!

Are you a student studying in an international programme at University of Turku? Do you find social media, photography, writing and making videos interesting? Would you like to spread your love and knowledge of your university in international networks? If yes, apply to the UTU Ambassador programme no later 14.10.!

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Save the date: Study and Stay in Turku event in November

Study and Stay in Turku 2020, a virtual career event for all international students in the Turku area, will be held on the 2nd of November. At the event, you’ll hear inspiring alumni stories and get tips on how to find your dream career in Finland.

► Registration will open 5th October – stay tuned! 

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TYY and the Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland together in development cooperation project in Zambia starting from 2021

In July, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs announced the beneficiaries of the project support to Finnish civil society organisations. The project of the Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland, in which TYY is involved as a partner, received four-year extension funding for 2021–2024. With the funding, more people can be included in the scope of better sanitation. The grant (€ 1,200,000) awarded to the project is the largest grant awarded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in this application round. Besides TYY, Disability Partnership Finland is involved in the project from Finland.

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This year we celebrate the Annual Ball online

The Student Union has decided to cancel its traditional Annual Ball celebrations which was supposed to be held in November. The TYY Annual Ball celebrates communality in the Student Union and brings together all students of the University of Turku. We want to be responsible and celebrate TYY's 98th birthday online this year. Virtual gala will be held on 14 November. There will also be some programme on TYY's official birthday, Porthans Day on 9 November. More information will come during October so stay TYYned!

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CampusSport’s new service: nutritional counseling

CampusSport offers affordable nutritional counseling for those who have paid the sports fee. You get help and support with matters such as weight management, building muscle mass, weight loss or maintaining good energy levels while studying or working.

In addition to nutritional counseling, there are other services (massage, personal trainer) available too. You can find more information and the prices on CampusSport’s website:

Search Announcement: Student Representatives for the Faculty Council of the new Faculty of Technology

TYY seeks deputy members to the Faculty Councils of the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Medicine for the term ending on 31 Dec 2021. Faculty Councils are a central location for the promotion of student interests and the highest executive organ of the faculties.

The remit of the Faculty Councils includes developing teaching and research in the faculty, drafting proposals for plans of action and financial plans and annual budgets as well as deciding on the guidelines for the distribution of the resources granted to the faculty; approving the curricula; as well as drafting proposal for the amount of students to be admitted annually in the faculty and deciding on the admission criteria. A third of the members consist of students.

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► Updates to Zoom's security

► Preparation of the Faculty of Technology and New Engineering Guilds Move Forward

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