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Newsletter 12/2020

International Sector goes live – join us, have a chat and ask anything

This Thursday (26 March) at 13-14 our International Sector (Kristaps + Satu) is going live to talk about current affairs regarding the coronavirus outbreak. How has this situation affected your studies and work? How are you coping with the current situation? Where can you look for support and updates? Grab a cup of coffee and join our live session to get answers to these and many other questions. We encourage you to send us your questions in advance through:
a) Facebook
b) Email (,

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TYY International Council spring's second meeting is held online

Welcome to TYY International Council's First Spring Meeting 23 April from 16 to 17.30. The meeting will be held online in Zoom. International Council is open to all actors in TYY organisations who are responsible for international affairs and those interested in international affairs.

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TYY’s services and guidelines for students and organisations regarding corona

TYY recommends following the guidelines of the Finnish Government, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, the University of Turku and city of Turku. From out webpage you can read the updated information and guidelines to follow. We update this post anytime needed!

All the University’s facilities are closed until 13 April 2020

Teaching and research activities will be carried out with remote connections. Only employees whose work tasks have been defined as necessary in order to ensure the critical level of operations at the University can access the buildings with their key tags. Information about the necessary employees has been collected from faculties, independent units, and University Central Services. The employees who retain their access rights will be informed by email.

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Electronic Examination rooms are closed

Electronic Examination rooms will be closed 20 March onwards. The situation will be this at least until 13 April. You can cancel the exam you have already booked from the Exam system. By doing this, you will also help the University staff to deal with the situation. Please contact your course teacher so you can discuss how to replace the exam.

More information:

New library guide will help you to use e-resources and electronic services 

All the library units of the Turku University Library are closed but the library’s web services are available as usual. From the link below you can find library guide to help you to use the e-services.

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Unica will distribute student-priced lunches at Student Village

Unica will distribute student-priced lunches at Student Village. Good and nutritious food is important even in exceptional circumstances. According to Kela, it is now possible to provide meals for university students closer to their homes. There is no additional fee for delivering the food, but the food must be picked up from the delivery place located ot parking place at Yo-kylä 7. Starting daily until 27 Murch at noon, as long as all portions run out! One portion includes a hot meal (will be cold) and green salad. One portion per person and only card payment is accepted € 2.60 per meal with a student card or € 6.00 per meal without a student card. 

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TYY is applying for funding for a development cooperation project with Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland

TYY and Huussi are jointly applying for funding for the project from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. For example, TYY's role in the project is to communicate the project's themes, to produce info material and to support the project through fundraising. If TYY and Huussi get funding for the project, students will have unique opportunities to participate in student union's own development cooperation project as volunteers or by taking part in the project as part of studies. TYY has a long tradition of supporting development cooperation. For example, TYY donates 0.7% of its operating budget to development cooperation for a better world. The results of the funding of the project will be determined at the end of the year.

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Nyyti's chat about Coronavirus on 31 March at 15

In this chat you can share and receive peer support about the fear and uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus. Come and share your thoughts and feelings with other students on Nyyti’s Chat. You can join the chat through Nyyti’s website:

This group chat is meant for all students. You don’t need to register or make yourself known. You can use a nickname instead of your own name. Welcome to chat!

TYY's instructions for organisations regarding the Coronavirus situation

TYY recommends following the Finnish Government’s suggestion that different activities, such as non-necessary meetings and hobbies should be restricted.  This means that various events and meetings with a large attendance should be cancelled for the time being. The Student Union will inform you about any upcoming changed when appropriate.

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CampusSport tips to working out independently

All CampusSport functions are closed down for the time being as a precaution to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Our instructors are going to hold classes through remote access and we will give you tips about working out independently:

Support research on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic by answering a 15min survey

Our research team is investigating the impacts of, attitudes towards and behaviors regarding the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic in Finland. We kindly ask your co-operation by filling out the following survey:

In this survey, we ask about your preparedness to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 for you, your family, friends and colleagues as well as for the society. The estimated time of completion of this survey is approximately 15 minutes. You will not be identified by name in any reports of the completed study, and the data analysis will be done and reported at the at the group level only.

Please contact the following individuals for further information regarding the survey:
Dr. Ali Farooq (
PhD student Samuli Laato (
Docent A.K.M. Najmul Islam (

► University Board on 20 March 2020: Faculty of Engineering Established to the University of Turku

► IT Service Desks closed from 18.3.

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