Newsletter 14/2019
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Vappu is coming!

The First of May or "Vappu" is the Finnish version of Labour Day that we celebrate to honour working people. It is also the biggest student festival of the year, bringing together tens of thousands of students and other citizens of Turku. On April 30th we gather at Turku Art Museum to listen to music and speeches and put on the students caps (ylioppilaslakki) all at once. On May 1st there is a picnic on Vartiovuorenmäki where we enjoy celebrating the spring by listening the good music, eating traditional Vappu meal and drinking some sparkling wine in the park. >> Read more

Suggest the best teacher and the best course of the year 2019

Good teaching and counselling are core tasks of the University. We are looking for candidates of highly qualified teaching and well-operating courses. The proposals coming from students and colleagues are a great way to show appreciation.The final decision will be made based on the suggestions by the Teaching and Learning Council of the University of Turku and the Student Union.

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Leave your mark on CampusSport’s vision

Leave your mark on the vision of higher education sport services! CampusSport starts to build its own vision and we want your opinion of what CampusSport should be like in the year 2025. You can participate in a vision contest until April 10. CampusSport offers sports services for the students and staff of the higher education institutions in Turku. 

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Students’ Climate Strike!

Join the National Students’ Climate Strike! The upcoming elections will determine the climate policy of Finland for the next four years. Turku is also taking part in climate strike and we're organizing a local event on 5 April at 12 o'clock at the center of Turku near the Turku chatetral. There will be cooperative action that shows that we are standing for climate. The event is politically independent and garbage free.

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Applying for Exchange - Supplementary Application period 1.-15.4.2019

You can access the online application system via SoleMove portal. The exchange places in the following programmes and destinations are open for applications for the Academic Year 2019-2020: Nordlys to Nordic countries, Erasmus+ (faculties) to Europe, Erasmus+ (all field) to Europe
Coimbra Group to Europe, Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility outside European Union, FIRST+ to Russia and General Grant for self-acquired exchange places.

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Student, Respond to the Survey on Internationality!

The University of Turku participates in the survey on internationality organised by the Coimbra Group among its member universities. With the survey, the participating universities can measure and evaluate their internationality. In the survey, the participating universities are also compared with each other. Responding to the survey takes approximately ten minutes, and with the help of the results, the University develops its operations.

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Stand-up comedians wanted!

Artist Humberto Duque is looking for experienced and inexperienced comedians from different backgrounds, of all nationalities, genders, and ages, who would like to do stand-up comedy in their native language as part of his project at Titanik this spring.

If you’re funny, or even funnier in your own language, we would like to hear from you!

Please get in touch:


4.4. Tropical party

5.4. Student's Climate Strike in Turku

9.4. Minor Subject Fair for Students

10.4. Kanta ry's Bake sale

11.4. April's board game night

15.4. April game night 2

23.4. Two Star Party 2019

24.4. LOST IN TURKU - mystery orienteering path

25.4. TYY’s organisations meet international tutors

30.4. Vappu

1.5. Vappu picnic

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>> Supplementary application period open 1.-15.4.2019

>> Applications for Feeniks Library’s research rooms

>> Universal borrowing service from National Repository Library ends

>> Coimbra Group Network Offers Opportunities for Versatile Collaboration and Mobility

>> Statista - The Statistics Portal for Market Data, Market Research and Market Studies

>> Change of Rules of Procedure Enables Academic Management’s Terms to Continue beyond End of Current Rector’s Term 

>> Apply for the Project Aces Training!

Nyt on kevät
Now is spring

Lumi sulaa
Snow is melting

Linnut laulavat
Birds are singing

Aurinko laskee myöhään ja nousee aikaisin
Sun sets late and rises early

Ihanaa, kun ei ole enää kylmä
It is lovely that it is not cold anymore

Oletko ollut kävelyllä jokirannassa?Have you been walking by the river?

Oletko syönyt jo jäätelöä?
Have you eaten ice cream yet?

Hyvää kevään jatkoa
Have a nice spring

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