Newsletter 4/2019
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Come to open a bank account at TYY’s office!

TYY's partner bank Osuuspankki is visiting TYY office on 28.-29. January at 10-16. Come to talk about bank issues, open account or book appointment at Osuuspankki office. You can sign up by filling the form so we know in advance how many of you are coming. Pick up the date that suits you the best. >> Read more

Join the Erasmus in Schools – programme!

While in Finland, would you like to have a possibility to interact easily with Finnish people outside your studies and get firsthand experience of the Finnish education system? If so, one option is visiting a real Finnish school through the Erasmus in Schools -programme!  By joining  the programme you get a chance to see take part in a normal school day by giving the students lessons as a visiting student.

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TYY is searching for a sub-organisation for distributing posters and advertisements on tables in Unica’s restaurants

A sub-organization of TYY to be responsible for the distributing the campus advertisement is being sought for. The material will be distributed 10-12 times a year. The distribution will be compensated with a payment of 400 euros. Requirements for the association are a Business ID (Y-tunnus) and being in the prepayment register. Applying ends on Sunday 27th January 2019 at 23:59. 

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CampusSport’s courses

In addition to regular weekly sports selection, CampusSport organizes some short courses too, e.g. hot yoga, aikido and swimming technique. The courses are held Jan 28 onwards and they have a separate fee.  The CampusSport services are intended for every member of the higher education community in Turku. We do our best to take the special needs of the users and accessibility into account in our services. 

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P-klubi welcomes new international students

P-klubi is an association for students studying Contemporary History and Political Science at the University of Turku. P-klubi was founded in 1975 as the two previous clubs for students – The Club for Contemporary History and the Club for Political Science – merged into one. Thus P-klubi became the largest association for Students within the Social Sciences faculty and has remained so, when examined by the amount of its members and general activity. P-klubi is one of the most active Students’ organisations within Turku University.

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ISTU is looking for new board members!

ISTU is looking for new board members! If you are motivated and dedicated to improving the student community, we want you! ISTU is an organization run for the students by students. We aim to connect all international students so they can get to know the beauties of Turku, so of course Finnish students are also essential for us. We accept members from all universities. We want to make sure all students and especially degree students feel welcome and at home here!

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Nucleus warmly welcomes the new international students!

We are Nucleus, the student association for biotechnology- and food development students (MSc in tech, DI) of the University of Turku. Our aim is to represent our members active communication with the department and the student union TYY. We also take care of student advocacy and cooperate with local companies in our branch. We are also here to build ‘team spirit’ and make your time at university the best you can have! We organize about 60 different events per year, including the traditional ‘teekkari’-events.

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26.1. Tyrmy Presents: Take Cover!

28.-29.1. Come to open a bank account at TYY’s office!

30.1. Returning Orientation

30.1. ANC hanging out evening

30.1. Equality Wing's board games

31.1. Ice Age 2019 -winter swimming

4.2. TYY Equality Wing's meeting

5.2. ACN: Febuary gaming evening 1

14.2. The anniversary of the merge of the Student Unions

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>> Welcome to the Semifinal of the 3MT Competition on 5 February 

>> Results of Online Brainstorming: Future Entrepreneurial University Must Develop Collaboration

>> Increased Heavy Construction Traffic to Main Building, Pay Attention When Parking at University Hill 

>> Student Exchange Application Is Open on 14 Jan-7 Feb

>> Jukka Kola Selected as Rector of the University of Turku 

>> Subscription to more than 3000 journals are about to end

Nyt on talvi
Now is winter

Pidätkö lumesta?
Do you like snow?

Oletko ollut luistelemassa/ hiihtämässä?
Have you been ice skating/ skiing?

Muista pukeutua lämpimästi
Remember to dress up warmly

Mikä lämpötila on?
What is the temperature?

Tänään on kylmä/ lämmin
Today is cold/ warm

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