Newsletter 10/2019
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Working in Finland seminar 12 March

Looking for summer job, internship or graduating soon? Working in Finland seminar is coming again! Once again we organise a seminar for international students studying in Turku-Åbo. The whole programme is in English and everyone is welcome to join! No sign up needed. >> Read more

International student: Take part in the housing survey and win lunch for two in Kuori restauran

TYY  is conducting a housing survey every few years to gain a better insight into the current housing situation in Turku. The results will be used for improving international students' housing and living conditions and promoting your interests in the university level as well as in the Turku area. Your opinion really matters to us! The survey is open until 24 March.

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Universitas Turku application period is open!

Universitas Turku is a project realised in cooperation by the University of Turku and the Student Union of the University of Turku. The purpose of the project is to encourage students and especially TYY organisations to produce independent academic activities that support studies. The project distributes annual financial support for organisations to organise such activities.

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The application period for Activity Support 2019 is open

Read the texts in the items carefully and only select those that apply to the activities of your organisation. Each selected item must be mentioned in the organisation's plan of action, annual report, budget or financial statement. These documents must be appended to the application. The link to the English translation for the support criteria can be found from the form.

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TYY is looking for 0.7 % targets 2019

The Student Union of the University of Turku  is committed to donating 0.7 % of its operating budget to development cooperation. The amount is divided between two organisations / projects and the amount donated this year is about € 2700 per organisation. TYY is now looking for donation targets for 2019.

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The City of Turku is seeking a trainee

The City of Turku Central Administration is seeking a trainee for a three-month (3) university traineeship. The trainee will be able to carry out diverse communication assignments in connection with the Study in Turku and Talent Turku operations. The application period ends 8 April 2019 at 15:00.

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The main theme of the student movement’s election campaign is intergenerational equity. We need to agree that sustainable solutions cannot be achieved by reducing young people’s opportunities to make a living, get an education and live on this planet in general. Above all, we need decision-makers who think further ahead than a single term of office.

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10.3. March game night 1: ANC goes to Turpakellari

11.3. TYY Development Cooperation Wing's meeting

11.3. TYY's Equality Wing's meeting

12.3. Working in Finland seminar

28.3. Vappuintro 2019

1.4. Enviromental training

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>> Libguides is now utuguides - domain and appearance

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Hyvää naistenpäivää! (8.3.)
Happy Womens' day!

Tasa-arvon päivä (19.3.)
Equality day

Rasisminvastainen viikko (19.-25.3.) Week Against Racism

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Is this space accessible?

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