Newsletter 38/2018
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Suomipassi helps to use Finnish in everyday life situations

Suomipassi - The Finnish languahe passport - is an application that can be used in everyday life situations. The language application was developed at the University of Turku and it is also used in the Finnish language courses of the exchange students and international degree students. Suomipassi allows the user to select a phrase suitable for a customer service situation in a shop or restaurant and listen to it in Finnish. The threshold for using Finnish in everyday situations is reduced when the app is found on one’s own phone. >> Read more

Apply now! TYY is searching for an organisation to help out with sillis (an academic brunch)

TYY is searching for an organisations to take care of the practicalities during silliaamiainen (an academic brunch) after the Annual Ball on Sunday 11 Nov 09:00–16:00 at TYY Sauna.The organisation will be rewarded with right to rent Q-house or TYY Sauna for one night during the upcoming year (valid until 10 Nov 2019). In addition to this, all the brunch team members will receive an Annual Ball patch.

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TYY grants marks of honour on its anniversary

On its anniversary on Friday, 9 Nov 2018, the Student Union of the University of Turku will grant marks of honour and recognition. TYY honour committee is seeking proposals from organisations concerning people who have actively participated in the activities of the Student Union or organisations or are otherwise close to the Student Union. Please submit your proposal before 14 Oct 11:59 P.M.

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Finland, your new home

It’s again that time of the year when new students arrive in Turku. How to maintain enthusiasm and avoid the culture shock when the days get shorter and the exams draw nearer?Having routines and something familiar in your new home makes it easier to adapt and feel happy. This can mean making your new home cozy, bringing some items that remind you from home, getting a hobby that you used to have back home, finding new favorite places, cooking your favorite food.

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Sustainable Development Week

Sustainable Development Week is held at university campus 22-26 October. Check out the interesting programme and be a part of the better future. Do you want to join us to organise the week? Please contact: 

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Reflection room in Publicum

The Faculty of Social Sciences has set up a reflection room in Publicum. The facilities have been furnished so that they are suitable for both non-denominational and denominational users.

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CampusSport’s courses

In addition to regular weekly sports selection, CampusSport organizes some short courses too, e.g. in submission wrestling, indiaca and adult ballet. The courses are held Sep 24 onwards and they have a separate fee.

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25.9. Viva hangout night

26.9. TYY Equality Wing's meeting

4.10. International Wing's meeting

5.10. Senpai's Anime Karaoke

9.10. Formal wear second hand market

9.10. TYY International Council autumn's meeting

22.-26.10. Suistainable Development Week

7.11. Turku University Choir: Quartet club

10.11. TYY's 96th Annual Ball 

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>> Give Feedback on UTUGradu

>> Emergency Exercise Was Organised as Part of Syystammi18 Drill at University of Turku 

>> Beginner’s Course in Korean Starts in Centre for Language and Communication Studies in September 

>> Master’s theses will now be published online – Theses with restricted access can be read on UTUPub terminals

>> New Logo and Visual Identity for University

>> University of Turku Regulation on Studies Renewed

Mitä kieliä puhut?
What languages do you speak?

Onko se helppoa/ vaikeaa?
Is it easy/ difficult?

Miten se kirjoitetaan?
How is it written?

Voitko toistaa?
Can you repeat?

Voitko puhua hitaammin?
Can you speak more slowly?

Miten X sanotaan suomeksi?
How do you say X in Finnish?

Anteeksi, en ymmärrä
I'm sorry, I don't understand


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