Newsletter 6/2018
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Suomipassi is going to be a mobile application

The language passport called Suomipassi was designed for international students in cooperation with Finnish language teacher Jenni Laine (Centre for Language and Communication Studies) and TYY to encourage students to use more Finnish outside the classroom. Suomipassi will be available as mobile application for all new international students when they arrive to Turku this autumn.Suomipassi is part of Study in Turku -cooperation. >> Read more

Application period for tutoring is 1 - 28 February 2018

​As a tutor you'll have an opportunity to help new international degree students to settle in a student life in Turku, share your experiences and learn about new cultures. You will also help the student with all kinds of practical matters upon their arrival. If you know Finnish well you can also tutor exchange students.

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Fastlaskiainen (Shrove Tuesday)

The annual downhill sledging event Fastlaskiainen by students from the universities and universities of applied sciences will be held on Shrove Tuesday 13 February on Vartiovuori. The event is organized by TYY, ÅAS, TUO and Novium and all citizens of Turku and other like-minded are welcome. Fastlaskiainen is part of Study in Turku -cooperation.

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Language month KieKu

Language month KieKu is here again! KieKu is a month full of events arranged by language student organizations of University of Turku.

Upcoming events:
Language Olympics, 7 Feb 
Valentine’s day Pub quiz, 14 Feb 
Language sitz and party, 22 Feb

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Turku Student Magazine:

From crying room to area 56 – the student village is a home for urban legends

Urban legends of the Girl in the Graveyard and UFO hub Area 56 have for a long time been a part of the day-to-day of the Turku Student Village. Emma Röntynen, first year folkloristics student at the University of Turku, collected stories from the Student Village for a practice thesis. She ended up with a good 45 tales.

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TYY International:

TYY International Council vol 2

TYY International Council is a Discussion forum for international orientated students. The Council discusses current issues locally and nationally and develops internationality of organisations. You don’t have to be official international affairs’ responsible of your organisation to attend. Interest is enough! See you in the meeting 22 February!

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Turku Student Magazine:

Student overalls: 10 essential rules

The etiquette varies between towns, universities and subject associations. Many rules have become more lax than they used to be. Nevertheless, a first year student, or fresher (fuksi), must be mindful of the core principles of their new uniform.

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Turku Student Magazine (Turun ylioppilaslehti) is looking for a student from University of Turku who is paying tuition fees. Please contact for more information.

Germanica welcomes new international students

International Love Sitz

7.2. ANC February gaming evening

7.2. Language Olympics

8.2. Campussport's Curling tryout

8.2. BRITPOP 2018

9.2. Get-to-know TYRMY party

10.2. The Quartet Concert provided by Turku University Choir

12.2. Campussport's Lacrosse Contest

13.2. Fastlaskiainen (Shrove Tuesday)

14.2. Turku University Choir: Suprise your friend!

14.2.Cultural encounters in the museum 

14.2. The Academic Nintendo Club hangs out

14.2. Pub Quiz

20.2. Second February gaming evening (Academic Nintendo Club)

22.2. TYY International Council vol 2

22.2. Language Sitz party

22.2. Kielaribileet

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>> Applications to University’s International Master’s Degree Programmes Doubled

>> Fudan Summer school - extended application period 

>> Maintenance of IT Services on week 8 (19.-23.2.)

Art Exhibition:

Andrii Konopko: Just Look Around

Our student Andrii Konopko has an art exhibition in Bar Kuka. The entrance is free! The exhibition is open until the end of March.

Shrove Tuesday


Cream-filled bun

Valentine's day

Hyvää ystävänpäivää
Happy Valentine's day

Ice swimming

Our annual Working in Finland seminar is coming again on 14 March between 12-16! We are still looking for international students who would like to share their working life experiences in Finland. Would you like to give a speech in our event and share your tips with other international students? Send us an e-mail:

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