Newsletter 15/2018
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Suggest the best teacher and the best course of the year 2018

Good teaching and counselling are core tasks of the University. We are looking for candidates of highly qualified teaching and well-operating courses. The proposals coming from students and colleagues are a great way to show appreciation for the proposed candidates. The Teacher of the Year has been selected since 1994 and the Course of the Year since 2006. With the chosen candidates we can promote the importance of good teaching and guidance in the community. Suggestions for Teacher of the Year and the Course of the Year should be sent by filling in the online form by 7 May. >> Read more

TYY International Council vol 2

TYY International Council is a Discussion forum for international orientated students. The Council discusses current issues locally and nationally and develops internationality of organisations. You don’t have to be official international affairs’ responsible of your organisation to attend. Interest is enough! See you in the meeting 17 April! The TYY Sauna is located at Student House A, between Proffan Kellari and S-Osis.

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Environmental Wing's Cricket tasting

Welcome to taste cricket food with TYY Environmental Wing for free! Welcome to taste cricket food with TYY Environmental Wing for free! Insect researcher Otto Selenius will tell about crickets as nutrition (in Finnish). Entis takes care of the delicious food. Griinsect offers some Cricket Cracker snacks to be tasted and we get also a taste of Cricket bread offered by Fazer!

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Movie Night on loneliness - Blade Runner 2049

TYY Equality Wing & Kinokopla film club organise a movie night to discuss the topic of loneliness. The event is part of the Student mental health theme weeks taking place in April. The movie in question is the visually impressive sci-fi movie Blade Runner 2049. Audio in English, subtitles in Finnish. The location is accessible for wheelchair users. Free for students with student card, others 3 e.

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Are you a Vappu Hero?

 As a Vappu Hero or Vappusankari, you are part of the Siistivappu-campaign. We are looking for people to participate in cleaning up the Vartiovuori park for one hour during the traditional picnic on 1st day of May. Our heroes will be awarded with a nice surprises! Before the actual clean up, Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto (Waste Treatment Centre of South West Finland) and TYY’s Environmental Wing will organize a training on 19th of April from 4pm to 6pm at Turkusali.

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Siisti vappu challenge: will you be the organization that wins a free night at q-talo?

We invite all student organizations to our Siisti Vappu competition! The winner gets to use the Q-talo for one day free of charge in May-August. Siisti Vappu campaign is aimed to inform, remind and encourage our students to keep Turku clean during the Vappu celebrations. Now we want to see how all the student organizations take care of recycling and environmental issues during their Vappu events.

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Nyyti's student wellbeing chat in English

Welcome to Nyyti’s chat platform for the exchange of thoughts and ideas between you and your fellow students. The chats will cover subjects surrounding issues that affect student’s daily lives but you are welcome to ask questions about anything that is bothering you for an open exchange of ideas. Chats in English will be held every other Thursday, from 18:00 to 20:00. Next chat subjects are Integration 14 April and loneliness 26 April.

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15.4. Dining Together | Syödään Yhdessä

16.4. ISTU Open Board Meeting

17.4. TYY International Council vol 2

17.4. Environmental Wing's cricket tasting

17.4. ISHA-Turku Pub Quiz

19.4. The Environmental Awareness Training

19.4. Movie Night on loneliness - Blade Runner 2049

22.4. ISTU Photowalk 3 + Sauna

25.4. The Academic Nintendo Club hangs out

25.4. Anglica Goes Outside

26.4. Turku University Choir's Concert on Campus

26.4. Nyyti's student wellbeing chat in English

27.4. MayDay Mayhem 2018 - Student tivoli

30.4. Vappu

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>> Equality Committee Tackles Non-discrimination and Equality Issues


Nyt on kevät
Now is spring

Lumi sulaa
Snow is melting

Linnut laulavat
Birds are singing

Aurinko laskee myöhään ja nousee aikaisin
Sun sets late and rises early

Ihanaa, kun ei ole enää kylmä
It is lovely that it is not cold anymore 

Oletko ollut kävelyllä jokirannassa? Have you been walking by the river?

Oletko syönyt jo jäätelöä?
Have you eaten ice cream yet?

Hyvää kevään jatkoa!
Have a nice spring!

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