Newsletter 43/2018
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In the Executive Board, you make the University of Turku a better place to study

TYY Executive Board is a student’s voice. In the Executive Board, you can influence the learning environment of the University of Turku and build our common student culture. In the Board, you work regularly with the university's administration and other key stakeholders to make the University of Turku a better place to study. The Executive Board has a prominent role in the organisation field. Being on the Board has opened up many opportunities in different kinds of jobs. >> Read more

Sustainable Development Week

Sustainable Development Week is held at university campus 22-26 October. Turku Sustainable Development Foundation has granted a scholarship for the week.Check out the interesting programme and be a part of the better future. 

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Is your tutor super tutor?

Is your tutor someone who has made your stay in Finland more comfortable? Besides picking you up upon your arrival and introducing the campus area, Supertutor is helpful and knowledgeable and always there to answer your tricky questions about Finnish student life or everyday practical matters. 

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12 Contemporary Finnish Fiction Novels to Read

On this list you can find fiction books with themes that range from war to love, from history and trauma to future, and from motherhood to masculinity. There is something for each and everyone wanting to get (further) acquainted with contemporary Finnish literature.

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Annual Ball After Party

96th Annual Ball of the Student Union TYY will be organised on 10th Nov 2018. We want everyone to be able to join! Hence we will open the opportunity of after parties for those too, who for one reason or another are not able to join the dinner.

More information about the event and registration coming up soon

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Porthan Day Parade

Henrik Gabriel Porthan was a scholar of humanistic studies in the 18th century Finland. Due to his heritage, Porthan Day on 9 November was also chosen as an official anniversary day of The Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY). It has been celebrated by TYY since 1922. Porthan Day celebration includes a parade, choir singing and wreath-laying at the Porthan Statue.

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Annual Ball Dance Lesson

It takes TYY to tango, and it certainly takes one or two dance lessons to master these ballroom dances! On Tuesday 6 November, we will go through the basics of foxtrot, tango and jive or bugg with Jarkko Lahti from Turun tanssikoulu (Turku Dance School). No entrance fee, no starting level requirements – just dance. Welcome!

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25.10. Food & Hope - free food served for students

7.11. Turku University Choir: Quartet club

6.11. Annual Ball Dance Lesson

9.11. Porthan Day Parade

10.11. TYY's 96th Annual Ball 

16.11. Master’s and PhD Programme marketing event

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>> Learning Labyrinth to Replace Demolished Lower Campus Buildings 

>> Longer opening hours for Educarium library for the rest of the year

>> Library exceptional opening hours in November 

>> New Multi-user Building of Åbo Akademi University and University of Turku Named Aurum

>> Scanning services improved - scan directly to Seafile

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Sustainable development

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