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News | 27.5.2020

public events and general meetings of less than 50 people are allowed from 1 June 2020. 

News | 25.5.2020

Those of you who are still in Turku we would like to remind you of some important matters to take care of before you leave. 

Open positions | 20.5.2020

TYY seeks student representatives to the Subject-specific Advisory Boards of the University Library for the term ending 31 Aug 2022. The Library of the University of Turku is a academic library that gives services to those doing research, teaching and studies in the University of Turku. It also acts as a general research library and is open to anyone seeking knowledge.

To enhance cooperation between the University Library and the University Community there are three Advisory Boards. The search of student representatives to them is as follows:

Open positions | 20.5.2020

TYY seeks two members and two deputy members to the Steering Group for the Centre for Education and Research on Social and Health Services for the term beginning 1 Aug 2020 and ending 31 Jul 2022.

Open positions | 20.5.2020

TYY seeks deputy members to the Faculty Councils of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Science and Engineering for the term ending on 31 Dec 2021. Faculty Councils are a central location for the promotion of student interests and the highest executive organ of the faculties.


Open positions | 20.5.2020

TYY seeks a deputy member to the University of Turku Collegiate Council for the term ending on 31 Dec 2021. The University of Turku Collegiate Council includes 30 members with personal deputy members. 10 of the members represent students.

News | 19.5.2020

The responses are utilised to promote the well-being, ability to study and teaching activities at the University of Turku.

News | 18.5.2020

Good teaching and counselling are core tasks of the University. We are looking for candidates of highly qualified teaching and well-operating courses. The proposals coming from students and colleagues are a great way to show appreciation for the proposed candidates.

News | 13.5.2020
TYY will gradually return to its operations on 14 May based on the Government's guidelines.
News | 11.5.2020

Photographer Outi Neuvonen's photo exhibition on climate change and refugees is available on the Finnish Refugee Council’s website. The photo exhibition was to be on display at the University of Turku during the Week against racism, but the event had to be cancelled due to the corona.

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