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Is your organisation the winner of TYY International Award 2019?

News | 28.10.2019

Has your organisation worked hard to encourage international students to participate in your activities? Have you organised successful events that were suitable for both Finnish and non-Finnish speakers?

Besides communicating in English and organising events, TYY International Award winner is an active organisation and eager to improve international students’ possibilities to participate.

The following actions increase your organisation’s possibility to win TYY International Award:

  • Events' suitability for students from diverse backgrounds
  • Organisation’s communication in English besides Finnish
  • Taking international students into consideration in interest promotion
  • Having international student actives

Read more on TYY Internationalisation Instructions

The competition is for all of TYY's organisations. You can also suggest any TYY organisation to win the award this year.

The competition is open from 28 October to 11 November. The winner will be announced at the end of November.

The competition is over, thank you for the applications!

More information:

Satu Nurmi, Specialist for International Affairs:


Get to know our former winners:

2018 Hybridi ry

“Before 2018, the hybrid's international operations were virtually non-existent. However, the Executive Board decided in 2018 to focus on international affairs. This was not only enough to improve Hybridi’s own operations, but also its member organisations. Hybridi’s International Division was formed, where Hybridi and its subject organisations' international affairs responsible persons organise events for international students and try to get them involved in the subject organisations. Efforts were made to facilitate participation in activities for example by improving information in English. In addition to the TYY infomarket and Welcome Fair, subject organisations were introduced to international students by having a picnic and a Christmas party in December. In the end, all the effort was worth it, and for the first time in its history, the Hybridi won the TYY International Award. The hybrid will continue its efforts to attract international students to its member organisations, and its International Division will continue to develop ways to succeed. ”

Sami Spets, Hybridi ry responsible for international affairs in 2019

Other applicants 2018

CIA TuKY (honorable mention)

Step Europe

Asteriski ry

ELSA Turku ry


2017 Mañana ry

"Mañana is a very international organisation of the Spanish language, and we have generally tried to take the exchange and other international students into account, for example, by always communicating in at least two languages and by directing the communication to the channels that are reach the international community. Many of our traditional events, such as Dia de los Muertos sitz party and Fiesta Latina have very international atmosphere. In advertisement of the events it is good to emphasise the fact that international students are welcome like any students.

During the year of winning, our organisation had named for the first time “international responsible”, who was especially concerned about the fact that also the international students are taken into account. In addition, we sought to promote our events and our activities especially for the international students. In addition to our traditional events, we arranged international board game nights, including Spanish-language participants. At the same time, in our fairly compact organisation there was fortunately two very active international students.

Our organisation strongly recommends including international students in your activities! The events really get extra energy and a different perspective. Language skills also develop and often there is the possibility of networking and creating even lifelong friendships. TYY's award was a great acknowledgment of our work for internationalisation. In the future, we will strive to keep the same course of action in accordance with the values we respect in our organisation. "

Samuli Ojajärvi, Chair of Mañana ry 2018

Other applicants 2017

ELSA (honorable mention)

Turun yliopiston kemistit TYK ry

Turun yliopiston Politiikan tutkimuksen klubi ry


2016 TYK ry  

"TYKry's international activities were quite nominal before the years 2015-2016, when we really started to invest in them. The road was a bit rocky because of the low accessibility to international students and the low priority of international students in our activities but eventually the work produced results and we got the first TYY International Award. It felt good that the work made for internationalism was appreciated even outside of our board. Internationalism is still an important board task in TYK ry and I joyfully follow its development. I got excited about international affairs and as current Hybridi’s internationality responsible I have been able to develop international issues by helping smaller organisations. The organisation that has done hardest work and developed their international activities should win! "
Enni Mannila, TYK ry's international responsible 2015-2016, the current Hybridi ry responsible for international affairs

Other applicants 2016

Turun KY

European Law Students' Association

Anglica ry

Germanica ry

TYRMY Turun Yliopiston Raskaan Musiikkin Ystävät/ University of Turku Metal Club

EGEA Turku