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What to do before going home?

News | 24.11.2016

Time has passed quickly and it is soon time to say good-bye. International Office would like to remind you of some important matters to take care of before you leave. The message below does NOT apply to students staying in Turku for the Spring Semester.

PLEASE NOTE: International Office will be exceptionally closed on:

  • 5.12.2016
  • 6.12.2016 Independence Day – Finland 99 years
  • 15.12.2016 Staff training
  • 19.12. Staff training
  • 22.–31.12.2016 closed during Christmas time

On other times, Interantional Office is open from Monday to Friday between 12 and 14. In urgent matters, please send a message to


► Look up a checklist ”What to do before going home?”

Check out at the International Office

  • You have to visit the International Office before you leave home for getting the Final Transcript of Records and the Letter of Confirmation (Departure Certificate).
  • If you visit them before the 16th of December, your end of exchange date will be the day you “check out” in the International Office. If you do the “check out” on the 16th or later, your end of exchange period will be the 30th of December. (For Erasmus Global students the end of exchange period is the 19th of December, please visit us a few days before your departure.)
  • Please fill in beforehand the Departure Form and bring it with you – International Office needs it for checking your courses and sending the Final Transcript of Records to you if your course grades have not yet been registered into NettiOpsu. Please fill in the form either electronically or by hand with clear handwriting.
  • If you have the departure form of your home university please do not fill it beforehand.
  • You should also go to NettiOpsu to change your address to be the one in your home country. The Transcript will be sent to the address you have in NettiOpsu.

About Courses

  • All the written tasks should be handed in before you leave - teachers are not obliged to read any work that has been submitted too late.
  • You cannot complete courses after your right to study ends on 31 December 2016.
  • Course grades and credits are normally registered within two weeks from the date of the exam or the submitted assignments' deadline. If they do not appear, please contact the teacher for missing grades. This way you speed up the process of getting your Final Transcript of Records.
  • You can access NettiOpsu until 31 January 2017.  

 Notification of move

  • If you haven’t sent your Finnish Identity Code to us yet, please remember to do so:
  • Remember to make a notification of move before you go home, i.e. let the local Register Office and Post know that you will no longer be in Finland.
  • You can get the form for the notification at the Register Office or at any post office.
  • Please see more here.


  • We would appreciate if you could give us feedback on your exchange experience at UTU by filling in our online questionnaire.
  • The form is very simple and quite short; it should only take you around 5-10 minutes to fill it in. Thank you!
  • We hope that your time in Finland has been rewarding and that you were able to make the most of your time here.
  • We wish you all happy final weeks in Turku and all the best in your future endeavours!