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VR train ticket prices drop 25 per cent

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News | 17.2.2016

VR is lowering the long-distance fares on average 25%. The new pricing also applies to student tickets. Students will receive a 30% discount on the price for a Basic ticket at the time of purchase.

The most affordable alternative for students as well as others will be the new Saver ticket. The fare for a Saver ticket is the same for everyone and no additional discounts apply. A limited number of Saver tickets are available for each departure.

An example: A student travelling from Oulu to Tampere has previously paid 36.10 euro for their ticket. With the new discount, the student fare for is 31 euro, or for the most affordable ticket, the Saver ticket, 25.10 euro.

The new pricing applies to domestic long-distance tickets and discounts. The student discount for local and zone traffic remains at 50%, since the fares for these are not lowered as for long-distance tickets.

Read more about VR’s new pricing online

The new pricing is effective from 16 February. You can buy your ticket on any of the available sales channels.