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Vappu events among the students in the Faculty of Science and Engineering

News | 12.4.2019

Vappu (or Wappu), the May Day, is the most important festival of the academic year and it is celebrated few weeks before the big day. We have listed some cool events of different organisations in the Faculty of Science and Engineering that you might be interested in. Have a look and participate! You can join the event organised by the students of your own study field or just see what others have planned. Please note that some of the events require registration and might cost something even if it’s not mentioned here. Please check well in advance what is the situation with the event that you want to join.

Most of the events are on Facebook or on organiser’s webpage, but if you can’t find them, please don’t hesitate to ask for further information by sending an email to Hybridi:

Enjoy the Vappu and see you at the events!

<3: Hybridi ry and our member organisations

The organiser(s) in brackets
A = Asteriski De = Delta Di = Digit I = IVA H = Hybridi
N = Nucleus P = Pulterit S = Synapsi T = TYKry TYY = Student Union


  • Wappu sitz @Kirkkotie at 6pm (H)
  • Pre party in the form of sitz for Wapunaloitusbileet.
  • Wapunaloitusbileet 3€ @Vegas at 22 (Di/N/S)
  • A party to begin the Vappu


  • Mead Pong @Q-house at 7:00pm
  • Mead Pong that is played with the rules of traditional Beer Pong but mead in cups instead.


  • Club day @Digit’s clubroom, Agora at 3pm (Di)
  • The club of stupid drinks and wine and dine club. Also the club of stupid games. More info here.
  • Champagne Ball @Flavoria at 6pm (T)
  • Traditional start to the mayday celebrations with TYK ry turning 84 at Flavoria (Medisiina D). Followed by Sillis the next day, post ball hangout with food, drink, sauna and good company.


  • LOTR-marathon @Agora microclass at 11am (A/Di/N)
  • In the deeps of Agora we’ll watch through all three films from the classic LOTR trilogy.


  • Sports Day @Kupittaa park at 2pm (N)
  • Easy-going football, ultimate and beach volley, join us to play and have fun!


  • Campus circuit @Digit’s clubroom 11am (Di)
  • A circuit that goes around the campus and visits the club rooms, offices and guildrooms of the many student organizations at UTU. Notice that the circuit starts 11am from the digit’s clubroom.
  • Overall Patches sewing evening @Natura at 5pm (S)
  • Sewing patches, playing games and building up athe wappu -mood.
  • Patch sewing evening @IVA’s office 6pm (I)
  • In Vitro Aboensis IVA ry organizes an overall patch sewing evening on Tuesday 23rd of April at 18:00 at IVAs office, Toimisto (Lemminkäisenkatu 2). Come and join us and get your overalls ready for Vappu! There will also be some snacks.
  • Two Star Party 2019 @Night Club Marilyn 10pm (H)
  • Party with the student organization for education and social science students.


  • Bazaar @Quantum at 12:00pm (noon) (De)
  • Delta’s items and delicacies on sale, come and meet the board members.
  • WalkingSpeedSitz From Arcanum -> Varvintori at 2pm (T)
  • The (bio)chemists walk from Arcanum to Varvintori to cheer TYK ry's PGP team to glorious victory! Bring your own beverage and food.
  • PGP – Pedal-car Grand Prix @Varvintori at 5pm
  • Student organisation teams race against each other in a speedy pedal-car race.


  • Vappu -breakfast @Ikituuri at 10am (S)
  • Breakfast and board games with a captivating wappu -atmosphere.
  • Free mead and “doughnut” @Arcanum at 12pm (noon) (T)
  • BBQ&Kyykkä @ Yard behind Educarium at 3pm (H)
  • Nice grilling and social academic sport “Kyykkä”.
  • Vappustartti party @Vegas


  • Pesäpallo with the biology department @field behind Educarium at 1pm (S)
  • Playing the Finnish version of the baseball, grilling and of course cheering for the team.
  • Yard games @field behind Educarium at 4pm (De/T)
  • All kinds of sports and games with TYK ry and Delta.
  • Nostalgic games night @Asteriski’s office at 5pm (A)
  • Casual hanging out in our office and playing some good old board- and videogames.


  • Morningsitz @Q-house at 9am (A/Di/N)
  • Sitzing duty all the way from morning to the evening.
  • Grillsitz @Teletubby Hill (behind Arcanum) 2pm-5pm (T)
  • Legendary outdoor Grillsitz on Teletubby Hill will be held once more. Don't miss out on your chance to enjoy authentic Finnish BBQ culture. Rain-check likely. Sign-up opens on 15th of April at 12pm (noon).
  • Wappurännibileet @Q-house at 6pm (A/Di/N)
  • Afterworkparties for the long day at work.
  • Board games @Turku hall at 6pm (De)
  • All kinds of board games, come and have fun! This is a non-alcoholic event.


  • Synapsi’s Ruissalo trip @Ruissalo at 2pm (S)
  • Camping, grilling, sauna and whatnot.
  • Well-being day @TYY sauna 2pm (Di/N)
  • Come to relax in sauna and watch movies. Last chance to regain energy for the rest of the Wappu.
  • Beer tasting and after-party with Dialectica ry @Kraatteri (Q-house) (T)
  • Youtube corner @Quantum at 5pm (De)
  • Hanging out together and watching videos.


  • Vappupicnic @behind Arcanum at 2pm (S)
  • Casual hangout in the form of a picnic before the actual wappu -mayhem starts.
  • Reppulinkierros @Asteriski’s office at 4pm (A)
  • Casual hanging out and watching through all three films from the Hobbit trilogy.
  • Wine & Cheese night @Kraatteri (Q-hous) 6pm (T)


  • Boolitus @around campus at 12 (All organisations)
  • Go around the campus and visit the stands of different organisations. Free punch (the drink)!
  • TYYlikäs Vappu @Taidemuseonmäki at 17.30 and Liljanpatsas at 18.30 (TYY)
  • Experience the magic of Vappu at its best. Join students on the Taidemuseonmäki and see the moment when they are allowed to wear their student’s cap. You wouldn’t have guessed that there are so many people in Turku!


  • Picnic @Vartiovuori Park at 12 (TYY)
  • Students gather for a picnic together, music and speeches. Bring a blanket and some food and enjoy the start of the spring and summer with your friends. Happy Vappu!

Vappu events on facebook!

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